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You’re a Man. You’re an Idiot.



On most occasions I hate giving garbage posts the page views their creators are pursuing, but this guy is a paid, professional journalist at for Utah Sports and the more people that see this, the more the joke is back on him. When you’re a full-time (supposedly) credible, sports media member, you have no business creating a video filled with accusations that have never even made it to the phase of being a rumor (buying recruits cars, punching babies, etc.).

This guy tweeted the video to Gottlieb in hopes for a RT. I think he truly believes he’s funny. Well I think I’m funny too sometimes so hopefully I don’t blow it with this analysis:

0:03 – Nifty crossover move

0:17 – Do we keep blowing our shot at a national title every year? Do we?

0:23 – 49-16 over the past 5 seasons. Nothing going wrong here.

0:30 – I’m not quite sure what dance move this is.

0:32 – It will take me some time to research, but I don’t think Gundy is the pioneer behind 40-point victories.

Hey you butchered the bill of that visor dude.

0:48 – Okay I didn’t mean it. Put those down. I’m sorry.

0:50 – Just when I thought you were a joke, you start using props like a professional.

0:58 – Oh my gosh the “I’m a Man. I’m 40” jokes were old 5 years ago.

1:03 – Ahhh there’s two of em!

1:10 – Wait, are you asking me?

Hold up. You used a green screen for this? That DOES mean you’re serious about trying to be funny.

1:18 – Definitely the type of guy who plays with dolls

1:21 – Is this a compliment or are you attempting to make fun of a coach because his players love him?

1:23 – Error: Mike Gundy wears his watch on his left wrist.

1:32 – Did I miss a story about an All-American OSU football player who punched a cop in the ear, wrecked a car and had weed in the glove compartment? Or is this a fallacy made by a professional journalist?

1:36 – I miss those guys

1:40 – If you’re the part-time rapper your Twitter profile says you are, you should know you can’t use the same word in consecutive lines to make a rhyme.

1:47 – Sly move incorporating your crocheting technique

Quick word of advice: When impersonating Mike Gundy, don’t wear black and red.

1:50 – Yes, we see it

1:55 – I checked Rivals, Scout, ESPN and 247 Sports for any recruits that came out of Mars and found nothing. Let’s look at this Mars scene for a second. Gundy doesn’t like to recruit kids from California because it’s not worth much of his time to recruit that far away from Oklahoma. But let’s say Mike recruited a kid from Mars. Let’s just say. Why is the highlight clip showing him throwing an incomplete pass? Make better use of your photoshop time Brian.

2:00 – When has Mike Gundy ever been accused of buying a car for a player or recruit? Never? Okay so this is another fictional reference made by a man who gets paid to be a full-time, credible journalist.

2:05 – “Texas steers they ain’t.” I watched this clip a dozen times before I could understand what he said.

2:12 – This post is just for fun. Put those away. We don’t want any trouble.

2:13 – Note to anyone who wants to make a video making fun of anything related to OSU: Showing an image of the OSU pom squad will not help.

2:14 – Journalist by day. Chippendale by night.

2:15 – “Yeah Gundy you win games by 30! Take that!”

2:21 – Nobody runs with their fists like that.

2:23 – We do think you’re crazy but it has nothing to do with running up the score.

2:27 – Another joke about winning. Moving on…

2:39 – There is actually a lot of shame in punching a child. Can we get Quinn in here to critique that punting form? Let’s go back to the punching baby part. When did it become funny to make up stories about other people punching infants? You punched a baby doll. What were you alluding to? Stop making up references to things Gundy has never been a part of, especially child abuse.

What did I tell you earlier about how not to make rhymes?

2:44 – I don’t think we have ever seen Gundy cry, so again, I’m not sure what sure what you’re referencing here.

2:45 – I Googled “Bo Diddley Tech” and it turns out they aren’t a real program, however Bryant Gumbel did reference them when talking about BYU’s weak opponents in 1984.

2:54 – Really cuttin it loose to close out the video

3:05 – There’s three of em!

3:06 – SEVEN!!!

3:17 – Your bill is still jacked up bro

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