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Best of Social Media from Oklahoma State’s Loss against Kansas State

See what social media had to say about Saturday’s (not great!) game against K-State.



Lets recap social media after an uninspired (and uninspiring) performance by the Cowboys in Manhattan.


Pokes busted out the tri-color unis today with Pete’s face.

Good look at Bill Snyder Family Stadium before kick.

Two true freshman get the start at safety once again.

Let’s get to the Action

Still confused about this one.

You have to get more than 6 total points out of two early red zone trips. Doug is right though, Cowboys caught a tough break on the offensive PI call here:

Maybe the Pokes’ play of the day — this catch from Tylan.

Pokes had the lead 6-3 going into the half, it should get better from here right?

Many were wondering if we were still in the Big 12 at halftime.

This was funny.

Alex Barnes ran all over the Cowboy defense today. He gave K-State the lead, 10-3, early in the third.

Mid-way through the third quarter, things started to really fall apart for the Pokes.

Barnes scored another TD for the Wildcats.

Not good!

Pulled, and pulled again.

Was it time to put Sanders in?

Final: Kansas State 31, Oklahoma State 12.

PFB’s predictions were pretty off. Not sure anyone expected a performance like this, though.

Well. It might be about time.

Not a great stat line from Corndog today, that’s for sure.

At the moment, however, Gundy looks poised to ride with Corndog.

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