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Boone Bag: Where Gundy Took His Swagcopter, When Dax Might Commit

On Gundy’s Thursday excursion, the latest on Dax Hill and more.



Thanks to all who submitted their questions for this week’s mailbag. I felt like an overwhelmed Steve from Blue’s Clues trying to read them all, but I’m hoping I got to all of them in this week’s mailbag.

Shannon: Where did Mike Gundy take his helicopter?

Thanks to a little bit of detective work from KFOR’s Nate Feken, the answer is … drumroll please … Norman!

Gundy and his assistant, Jason McEndoo, who has a son named Luke on Stillwater’s high school football team, coptered to Norman North to watch Stillwater High beat down Norman North.

It looks like they landed on a baseball diamond on the high school baseball field, too.

This was mostly a copter visit for personal reasons rather than recruiting, but it wasn’t a waste. Gunnar, Gundy’s quarterbacking son, went 13 of 19 passing for 325 yards and 3 scores in Stillwater’s 44-21 win.

Also of note: Norman North product Cole Mashburn, a top-10 player in the state, was on the opposite sideline and by all accounts had a strong showing. Mashburn doesn’t have an OSU offer, but he’s nearing double digit opportunities from the likes of Iowa State, Memphis, Nevada and others. He’s listed as a 6-3, 240-pound defensive end who played a little stand-up backer last season.

Robert Whetsell: Is the mad genius willing to take a 7-8 win season to preserve both redshirts?

Tricky question, but the answer, I think is no. Here’s why: I genuinely believe Gundy is going to go with his best option at QB, even if it means burning Dru Brown or Spencer Sanders’ redshirt. I also genuinely believe he thinks Taylor Cornelius is the best option as of now.

That’s not to say that his vote for best option won’t change, but I think Game 1 — and the subsequent postgame reaction — showed us that Gundy and the players have seen a better, more accurate version of Cornelius in practice than fans saw in the game. If we don’t see that same version early against South Alabama, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Brown get some work. That’s why — as Kyle Porter touched on in his smart column this week — this weekend’s tilt is surprisingly an important one for QB1 to remain QB1 moving forward.

Zachary Murphy: Thoughts on how our running game will impact the Boise state game? I know… a week ahead

Like Mike Gundy, I’m only focused on this week.

… OK. I like that question. Honestly, I think this could change significantly based on how the QB situation plays out this weekend. But assuming Taylor Cornelius remains entrenched for Boise, I suspect OSU rides Justice for 20+ carries and mixes in healthy doses of J.D. King before letting Chuba + LD run free in the late third when the Boise D gets tired (cc: Gundy’s Mondy presser).

Success in the run game, though, is only going to be consistent if OSU has a QB that can make defenses respect the threat of a long ball. That’s why Cornelius has to, in my opinion, have a big game against South Alabama to prove to Boise that the Cowboy offense isn’t dink-and-dunk with a splash of Justice.

Cameron Johnston: Which current receiver will be the best pro? Also which RB has the most potential besides Justice?

Double-barreled question — you have a future in media!

First Q: I’m going Tylan. He has Will Fuller-like potential written all over him. He has 4.3 speed, soft hands, good ball skills, and a work ethic that has drawn rave reviews. He also signed with OSU as the highest-rated WR since Dez, for what that’s worth.

As for which RB has the most potential, I gotta go with RB2. Chuba is probably my snap reaction, and I might agree with that if you told me that was the answer, but J.D. King has NFL potential that has been obvious ever since he played as a freshman. He has bell cow qualities, remains durable, is a good pass-catcher out of the backfield, and has an extra level of shiftiness to his game this season. And he’s still just a sophomore.

Ben Dewalt: How in the world is Thomas Harper a .77 in 247 rankings? 600 yards 8 touchdowns and the best athlete on any field he steps on.

I think a lot of that has to do with the competition, honestly. Karns isn’t exactly Allen High School or Katy, so the level of talent he’s facing is probably playing some factor. Every school has a best player they feature, and he definitely fits that mold — which has led to him busting out in the stat sheet.

But still, when you’re quite clearly one of the best players in the state and putting up video game numbers like he is, I don’t quite understand how recruiting services don’t give him a healthy bump — which is why I wouldn’t be surprised if that changes soon considering the numbers he’s putting up at a position he’s not even going to play at OSU.

Alex Gillmore: Chances OSU actually gets Glass. Any news on the ground about Dax? I thought he was set for a commitment day before the season?

Glass chances are high after talking with people about my story on the four-star running back yesterday. Considering OSU is pushing hardest and holds a trump card with Cole Birmingham still committed, I’d bet he commits before season’s end.

As for Dax, the plan — at least for the past month — has been for him to start taking official visits this month (September), and potentially make a decision as early as mid-month. I fully expect he’ll wait this out, though, with a decision coming on the back end of the football season or closer to the December signing period.

Seth Dow: Can we get an update on the big, non-Dax recruits?

The biggest as of now is Deondrick Glass, who I mentioned above I think will be OSU-bound if all goes as it has been of late. He’d be the highest-rated commit in the 2019 class. The other non-Dax recruit of note was Trace Ford, who, as Dustin Ragusa and I predicted, committed to OSU last week.

WR Langston Anderson is still on the board and heavily considering OSU, as is Coppell’s Jonathan McGill, Georgia standout linebacker Kevon Glenn, and, potentially, Colorado’s Drake Nugent. Anderson is probably the one I’d track closest for now, especially with zero commitments at WR in this cycle.

Mike’Tavius: Thoughts on the basketball team and improving over last year? Chance at climbing the conf standings due to the schedule?  

Improving over last year will be a big ask. Boynton is replacing four of his top five scorers from last season, and there’s going to be more freshmen than a rush party on the roster in 2018-19. But overall, I like the talent. They’re building a sustainable squad that will be fantastic in a year or two. I think we should temper expectations, though. Realistically, a top-5 finish in the conference would be overachieving.

Bryan Metcalf: If Mikey Y goes HC in the off season, do you hold Henson’s Mizzou performance against him when considering new offensive coordinator?

Absolutely not.

Henson has been OSU’s best recruiter, bar none, so if that can translate to recruiting the skill positions to fill out an offense he’d have the keys to run, I’m all for it. And honestly, that wouldn’t surprise me a lick. He’s earned it.

Brad Scarborough: Why are we currently 8th in recruiting rankings for big 12 and 45th overall? Understand it’s still early but where do you project the 19 class ranking?

Based off the 247Sports calculator, OSU is 45th in the national rankings. But get this: They are one Dax Hill commitment from being ranked 31st.

That’s how big a game-changer he could be.

Realistically, I don’t think this class can climb much higher than it is now. Because honestly, it’s not that early in the recruiting process. We’re three months away from early signing period, and OSU has 16 commitments and has already plugged its major voids for the class.

A running back (or two), wide receiver and maybe a safety might round this class out. I suspect it will finish ranked right around the mid-40’s nationally when it’s said and done.

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