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Bullets: Can the ‘run-and-heave’ offense be sustained?

Was Barry Sanders’ DiMaggio season actually in 1997 and why Pete is the best logo.





Fourteen straight 100-yard games. I don’t know that it rivals Joe DiMaggio’s 56-game hitting streak, but I don’t know that it doesn’t. (NewsOK)

I put together the best GIFs from the Tech game. The angle on the Tyreek catch is spectacular. (PFB)

As Oklahoma State settles into conference play, one question remains: Can the “run-and-heave” offense of the past two games be sustained? (Tulsa World)

No Baylor in Berry’s playoff top 10 yet…and he has good reasons. (NewsOK)

Justin Southwell with his second post on the best uniforms OSU hasn’t worn yet. (PFB)

Looks like Dean whiffed on the Baker Mayfield news. (Yahoo)

Not sure it’s the defensive line that needs to be challenging each other, but good on them. (NewsOK)

I really wish Oklahoma State would utilize the Pistol Pete logo more often. It’s just so much better than the script “OSU” on the helmets. The school really needs to let that angry looking cowboy be the #BRAND and there’s no better way to get that #BRAND out there than by putting it on the helmets. Hell, put it on everything. (CBS Sports)

Everything you need to know about Gundy’s Monday presser. Great work by Clint Davison on the notes. (PFB)

Everybody is taking responsibility for the offensive line woes. (NewsOK)

Only OU and Texas have more top 300 commits than the Pokes. (ESPN)

Mike Leach predicts human extinction because that’s when pirates will take over why not? (Yahoo)

Baylor has 10 touchdown drives that covered more yards than seconds required. (Big 12 Sports)

This is your go-to site for Iowa State stuff this week. Here’s a good post on OSU’s speedy defense and why Sam Richardson will have to beat the Pokes deep. (Cyclone Fanatic)

Interesting that the Browns have the best selling jersey in the state of Oklahoma. (CBS Sports)

Eight voters didn’t rank OSU this week. (Tulsa World)

In case you’re wondering, of QBs with 45+ completions Daxx Garman leads the country in yards per completion by two yards. (NCAA)

Another cool look at the OSU helmets here. (Tumblr)

Great stuff here from Chandler Vessels on what OSU players did in the NFL this week. (PFB)

Zero people are surprised that LaRon Landry got suspended for PEDs. (Big Lead)

Glenn Spencer from Monday.

Here’s Kevin Peterson.


Serge Ibaka has no idea who Mitch McGary is! (Daily Thunder)

The LeBron hair situation is a full-fledged situation. (Deadspin)

Other sports

The United States had a Tom Watson problem over in Scotland. (CBS Sports)

More stuff I’m reading

On the CIA Starbucks, really cool. (Washington Post)

The sophistication of truth. (Godin)

“You really, really want to keep a promise, and anything beyond that is marginal, if anything…Don’t kill yourself trying to over deliver.” (99U)

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