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Bullets: Full recap of the Texas Tech game

Ramon Richards was born ready, why Seth Jacobs isn’t tired, and the best photos from Thursday night.





Most surprising part about Thursday is Berry Tramel supporting chrome helmets. (NewsOK)

Desmond Roland: “They had eight, nine guys in the box to stop the run. That’s why we were able to throw the ball deep so well.” (Big 12 Sports)

Ramon Richards says he was born ready. (NewsOK)

Notes and quotes from Thursday night. (PFB)

Funny (and correct) headline on Daxx here. (Tulsa World)

He’d commit a lot more turnovers against a better defense, but you can’t be too displeased with 370 yards and four touchdowns in his second career start after getting very few reps in practice before this season. (Fox SW)

While we understand OSU breaking out the unis for a special ESPN game during the week, we can’t help thinking they’d be more fitting worn closer to Halloween. That snarling face of Pistol Pete is good for a Halloween costume. (Yahoo)

I can’t be the only one who thinks Daxx looks like what young Gundy looked like, can I? (Tumblr)

And that’s when you realized, this is the OSU offense. At least for now. Try to run the ball unless the defense stacks the box, then resort to the sandlot. Down, set, hike, go deep. (NewsOK)

10 Thoughts on the game. (PFB)

David Ash seems pretty cool. (CBS Sports)

The best photos from Thursday night — there are some good ones. (Flickr)

Thank heavens for Red Raider self-destruction. (CRFF)

Wait, there are coaches who will discuss injuries? (CBS Sports)

Seth Jacobs: Our coaches prepare us well for high tempo and a lot of different things like that. I just went out there and played. I really didn’t think about 91 snaps.” (NewsOK)

The win gives OSU plenty of momentum after a pair of subpar wins over Missouri State and UTSA in its past two games. If the Cowboys have designs on putting themselves in the Big 12 title conversation, they had to beat Tech at home. (ESPN)

Tech ran 61 (!) plays in the first half. (NewsOK)



Highlights from Thursday night.


It’s dumb that this wasn’t already a thing but the entire Big 12 Tournament will now be televised on ESPN. (Big 12 Sports)

What is Adidas trying to do? (Yahoo)

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I’m live blogging the Ryder Cup all day over here. Come check it out. (CBS Sports)

Fowler bro hugging Michael Jordan. (PFB)

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