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Bullets: Gundy calls November ‘most difficult stretch of games we’ve had’

Should Tyreek be RB1, Tyler Lockett closes out his career, new CFP Poll, and how well-rested is Bullet?





Gundy: “I’ve been in this 10 years now and this is the most difficult stretch of games that we’ve had since I’ve been the head coach, other than my first year.” (NewsOK)

Pat Jones on Tyreek Hill as the primary running back: “When he gets the ball deep … I found that intriguing. I came away thinking, ‘Whoa, those guys look a little different when they do that with him.'” (NewsOK)

I’m still not sure what happened in Dallas on Monday night. (PFB)

Wow, a former Texas football player is filing a $50M lawsuit against the NCAA. (CBS Sports)

If recruiting rankings are to be trusted even a little, it’s a tremendous testament to the coaching of Kansas State’s Bill Snyder. In advance of Saturday’s OSU-Kansas State game in Manhattan, the Wildcats are favored by 13½ points. (Tulsa World)

A better look at OSU’s new gloves (which are awesome). (Flickr)

Cool Q&A with Kip Smith. Jim Mora sounds like a friendly guy. (O’Colly)

You knew Oklahoma State would endure growing pains with so many new starters. But I never thought the offense would fall off a table the way it has. (ESPN)

Kenny Trill (is that still a thing?) is about to be Kenny Pine. (Yahoo)

One thing I personally liked about the first CFP Poll is that the committee didn’t penalize Ole Miss because it lost last week vs. losing in August. That always struck me as being the silliest. (Big 12 Sports)

Oklahoma State is still 5-3 and will make a bowl game and whatnot, but the ‘Pokes are 44th in the F/+ rankings after ranking 12th or better in each of the last four seasons. This game showed us some zero-sum action — WVU is moving up and basically taking the place, however temporarily, of the tumbling ‘Pokes. (Football Study Hall)

Uni Roundtable: OSU builds the perfect helmet. (PFB)

Florida State would go 8-4 with Mississippi State’s schedule. That’s humorous for a number of reasons. (CBS Sports)

Kevin Peterson talks to David Ubben about how he shut down Kevin White. (Fox SW)

I found this interesting.

Berry on the College Football Playoff rankings: LSU’s resume trumps at least six or seven teams ranked higher. But the committee just counted the anvils. (NewsOK)

Glenn Spencer on tackling: “You watch it on film and you see if they brought their hips with them.” That’s how I usually watch film. (Scout)

When I see “Lockett’s quest” all I think is that it’s to try and make OSU fans regret him leaving Oklahoma for the 39th year in a row. (Tulsa World)

Bullet is on track to be the most well-rested animal in Stillwater (!) (CRFF)

No jokes here — just sad. (CBS Sports)

I laughed.


GIA always sucks me back in because I am an addict. (PFB)

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OSU beat Baylor by one stroke on Tuesday in Dallas. (okstate)


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An Unlikely Ballerina (this is the jacked “I will what I am” girl from the Under Armour commercials). (New Yorker)


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