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Bullets: Gundy is ‘so happy for all of the people who love Oklahoma State football’

Yurcich makes a Polynesian reference, Spencer goes nuts and James Castleman gets all the love.





Not a quote I thought I’d see this year in a bowl game —> “It means big in Polynesian,” Yurcich said. (NewsOK)

10 Thoughts on the Cactus Bowl. (PFB)

The two best bowl winning percentages ever? USC and Oklahoma State. (Tulsa World)

The 300-pounder bruised through helpless Washington defenders and even carried one on his back for a few yards at the end of the play. Aside from being supremely entertaining, Castleman’s contribution essentially put this game away for Oklahoma State. (ESPN)

Leftover notes and thoughts from a wild finish last night. (PFB)

It was the sort of game where you say “I really shouldn’t have stayed up for that”… and then Castleman broke loose on that pass, and you were reminded why you’d stay up for this exact same game at this exact same time next year. (CBS)

Gundy on Ofa Hautau: “He doesn’t have near the ball skills that (Castleman) does.” Poor Ofa. (Tulsa World)

All the photos from Friday night. Some gems in here. (Flickr)

Yet it was Rudolph’s arm that taunted the Huskies and offered tantalizing hopes for even bigger days ahead. Gundy also notes that he’s “looking forward to Oklahoma State coming together and building for the future.” (NewsOK)

Here are your two separate James Castleman posts on PFB. (TD | Reception)

He’s also a great quote. (PFB)

Chris Petersen: “We were just getting our teeth kicked in on offense from the very start. (During) the second half, we got some things going. But the first half, there was zilch.” (Tulsa World)

Best of social media from OSU’s win. (PFB)

Those Cowboys from earlier this season would’ve been lost by 40 points to these Cowboys. Yep. (NewsOK)

Gundy sums it up nicely: “Our offense was resilient. I thought we blocked well, our running back ran hard, we made big catches and we turned James Castleman into a wide receiver.” (okstate)

Petersen: “When you get in bowl games there are always some new little wrinkles and he (Castleman) got away from us a couple of times.” Also contains Gundy’s quote about being “so happy for everyone who loves Oklahoma State football.” (Tulsa World)

Only the weather gets a poor grade from Berry Tramel. (NewsOK)

Gundy: “I think on paper Washington was probably a little better than us when I evaluated them and watched the tape on them. We got off to a good start and made some plays and the defense played well. You knew they were going to come back and make a few plays, but we were able to hold on late.” (Scout)

Brandon Sheperd’s got moves. (Deadspin)

Good recap per the usual from Whetsell here. He’s succinct and spot-on. (CRFF)

Travis Haney is right, some SEC teams are gonna be like “how did that dude get out of South Carolina?” next year. (NewsOK)

Ronald Jones picked USC and Tyron Johnson picked LSU yesterday. (Jones| Johnson)

The Jim Mora-Bill Snyder thing was so weird. (Fox SW)

It really is remarkable that Ohio State is doing what it is doing with its third string QB. Of course I guess that’s what we’re on now too. (NewsOK)

Big shocker here but Dez Bryant was a first team All-Pro. (Dallas Cowboys)

Glenn Spencer doing his thing.

Here’s basically the perfect headline…

Here’s the postgame presser.


Forte on Marcus Smart: “He deserved everything he got. But there are people out there who think that he’s the reason for me being here, or me having success in the past.” (NewsOK)

Oh good, Texas is getting better just in time for conference play. (CBS)

Dave Hunziker is calling the basketball game this morning, too. Hero. (NewsOK)

Five stories to follow in the Big 12 as the season starts today. Nash is definitely one of them. (NewsOK)

Here’s Markel posterizing in the D-League. Via Blake Huddleston.

This is something else.


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