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Bullets: Gundy looks for rhythm of 2014 squad

Les Miles called somebody “bae” and didn’t know what it meant, Big 12 coaches describe their teams in one word.





One of my favorite things about Gundy as a coach — and the thing I think he’s become really, really good at — is finding the rhythm of each of his teams. That’s difficult to do with 17 people, much less nearly 150. (NewsOK)

All the Big 12 coaches were asked to describe their teams in one word. Many of them apparently cannot count. (Big 12 Sports)

OKC Dave is going to print this out, potentially sign it for himself, frame it, and hang it by his desk in his office. I might, too. (ESPN)

On Tyreek Hill and the allure of the unknown. (PFB)

This article about Jameis is basically why I’m loathe to praise or disparage athletes for anything they do other than thrill us on the field. (NewsOK)

The Josh Shaw story is so, so strange and, Jeff Eisenberg is right, will only heighten our distrust of stories like this in the future. (Yahoo)

Here’s what FSU is wearing on Saturday:

I legitimately think this OSU team is going to start the season 7-2. Am I crazy? (PFB)

Gundy said on SVP that JW will start (all of the initials!) (NewsOK) Here’s the interview. (ESPN)

OSU apparently went 10-1 last season! But really, that’s a good guide to the game on Saturday. Really good. (okstate)

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 6.27.37 AM

Zac Veatch on Barndon Garrett’s injury from the Cotton Bowl: I saw what happened and I looked, it was shocking.” (NewsOK)

Pretty interesting look at the Dez Bryant contract negotiations here. He wants to get paid and Dallas is playing the waiting game with him. (ESPN)

We need to realize that a team can win without having an amazing QB. Do you need a serviceable, above average QB to win? Of course, but does anyone really think that J.W. is not capable of above average? He does a lot of the same things that Zac did, and if he doesn’t always have to look back over his shoulder to see how close Clint or Daxx is lurking, maybe he’d be as good, if not better than Zac! (CRFF)

My gosh, Les Miles is the greatest. I want to start a blog solely dedicated to things Les Miles does. (Yahoo)

Zac Veatch on the offensive line: “Since the spring and through the summer, we’ve come a long way. At first, it was a little shaky with the new scheme. But we’ve come so far and built such a relationship with (Connelly). It’s great.” (Tulsa World)

David Glidden’s favorite website is Eastbay (!) (okstate)

Clint Trickett’s first kiss was with Nick Saban’s daughter. West Virginia plays Bama this weekend. Bye, Clint Trickett. (Yahoo)

Ubben says FSU by four TDs. (Fox SW)

This is tremendous (and features some OSU fans):

Gundy is excited to be here, you guys.

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 7.03.21 AM


Darrell Williams is enrolled and on the basketball team at Texas A&M-Commerce. (Tulsa World)

More stuff I’m reading

Great points here on who athletes actually play for. Is it the teams or the brands? (FTW)

This on “social media” is true — it’s the same issue I have with folks saying “blog” vs. “blog post.” (Medium)

This looks good.

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