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Bullets: Ramon Richards says James Castleman’s catch ‘looked like Madden’

Bruce Weber calls Phil Forte a booger, more on the James Castleman catch and could this bowl win propel OSU to the top of the Big 12 in 2015?





Mike Yurcich on his role: “I’m irrelevant. I’m just trying to prepare and trying to help us win. Do what we have to do as coaches and make sure that we’re organized, well structured and that we put our best foot forward on personnel matchups.” (NewsOK)

Gundy on waiting until the bowl game to use Castleman: “I thought that I ought to be hit in the head with a board for not using him on offense.” (Scout)

Mason Rudolph on Brandon Sheperd: “He’s got a cannon on him.” (NewsOK)

Gundy on Grogan missing the chippie: “I was getting too greedy. With (James) Castleman blocking and Des (Roland) running, I thought we could convert it. I should have centered the ball and let him kick a PAT and ended the game.” (NewsOK)

Pokes finish No. 5 in Ubben’s power rankings. Next fall, I’m betting this team, one of the youngest in college football, shows the value of what basically amounted to an additional set of spring practices. (Fox SW)

Bummed to see Robert Whetsell step down over at CRFF. He’s been nothing but kind to me and he did a really great job building up that site. (CRFF)

Ramon Richards on Castleman rumbling down the sidelines: “It looked like Madden.” Also some terrific Mike Gundy-Des Roland quotes in here. (NewsOK)

It’s actually interesting to hear an offensive lineman say this given their importance to it actually happening. “There’s a little bit in the air that, ‘You know what? We’re here. We’re coming back. Oklahoma State football is going to get back to what it was.” (NewsOK)

…if these three games are any indication, Oklahoma State has one special quarterback moving forward. (ESPN)

Jordan Sterns is the first underclassman with at least 100 tackles in a season since Raymond Cato in 1996. Wow. (O’Colly)

When asked why the Castleman pass play was called “Jackie,” Gundy replied, “I don’t know. Someone called it ‘Jackie,’ and it just stuck. It’s good stuff.” (Tulsa World)

Like “coach on the field” J.W. Walsh did in the first game, Rudolph is also going to be equipped to call his own protections just like the big boy quarterbacks do in the NFL. (Scout)

Wait, Jay Norvell got fired but Josh Heupel kept his job? (CBS)

And LSU is trying to hire Mike Stoops?! (CBS)

I hate to be the one to break it to Larry Stephens but… (NewsOK)

Urban Meyer and tOSU’s AD want to be able to provide for the families of their players to come to the playoff games. (CBS)

Bob Stoops needs a new message. This is true. (NewsOK)

I missed this because I was watching the beginning of our game but the KSU kicker tried a rabona onside kick? (Big Lead)


Here’s an incredible Bruce Weber quote from Saturday: “We reached for balls and they beat us to balls.” (NewsOK)

Ford’s deepest team ever and we still have no bench. (NewsOK)

Kansas State is now 7-7 and one of the most disappointing teams in the country. Oklahoma State is a pleasant surprise. (CBS)

More Weber, this time on Forte: “he’s just a tough, little feisty booger.” (O’Colly)

What the heck happened to Marcus Foster. Also, now that Forte has joined the group, can you guess how many OSU players have scored 1,000 points all-time? (NewsOK)

Cowgirls fall to 10-2 after losing to Baylor on Saturday. Not a bad loss though. (ESPN)

The last time OSU won its first two conference games? How about 2005. (okstate)

I missed the game on Saturday but Weston Shepherd posted his thoughts here. (PFB)

TCU’s winning streak is over. It does have a 19-game conference losing streak intact though. (Big 12 Sports)

Just the best.

Highlights from Saturday.

Travis Ford presser.

Other sports

The Rich Eisen tribute to Stuart Scott is too much. (Big Lead)

Also he filled the Cincy-Indy highlights with Scott catchphrases which is the coolest. I wish everyone else had just shut up.. (Deadspin)

This is insanely good.


More stuff I’m reading

The top slow motion moments of 2014. (Kottke)

Is it your reputation that’s bothering you? But look at how soon we’re all forgotten. The abyss of endless time that swallows it all. The emptiness of all those applauding hands. The people who praise us—how capricious they are, how arbitrary. And the tiny region in which it all takes place. The whole earth a point in space—and most of it uninhabited. (Kleon)

Pretty cool tiny house here. Not sure about the WiFi. (Tree Hugger)

One of the paradoxes of creativity… in order to think originally, we must familiarize ourselves with the ideas of others. (Kleon)

How I’d start a blog if I were to begin today. I agree with most of this. (Saddington)

I loved this: Imagine how hard it would be to get anything done, though, if you only knew 17 letters. (Godin)

…researchers also found that people were “more likely to start working on a task whose deadline is in the current month than in the next month,” even though the number of days to finish the task was the same. (NYT)

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