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Bullets: It’s tougher to win in the Big 12 than ever

Jordan Sterns profile, Daxx’s awful numbers, and you’ll never guess how much OSU pays to clean up the stadium.





Cool story on Jordan Sterns here. I’m a big fan. Also, the Oklahoman is running out of defensive players to profile… (NewsOK)

Guys, Weeden might start on Sunday. (ESPN)

And here’s why he should. (Fox SW)

Kevin Peterson: “Everybody talks about a bowl game is the funnest part of the season. You get a week away from everything. You get to have fun. You get to really enjoy the whole week, preparing for a team that’s going to be in the big spotlight.” (NewsOK)

Snyder is a Fundamentalist?? (Tulsa World)

Why OSU should re-structure its offense around Tyreek Hill. (PFB)

It’s not the Sooners who have changed. It’s the landscape. It’s tougher to win than ever before. Particularly in the Big 12, but everywhere, really. This is very true. (NewsOK)

OSU’s graduation rate is pretty concerning. (PFB)

Daxx — His adjusted QBR of 40.2 in the month of October ranks No. 99 nationally and ninth in the Big 12. His QBR for those first starts against UTSA and Texas Tech was a combined 74.1, but he finished this month with a TD-to-INT ratio of 3-7. (ESPN)

OSU spends $200,000 a season on stadium clean-up. (Tulsa World)

Bob Bowlsby on Big 12 expansion: “I don’t see much movement in the near- to mid-term. As we get near the end of some of these TV contracts, which would be 10 or 12 years down the road, there may be some renewed conversations.” (NewsOK)

I did not expect to read the word “copacetic” in one of these Q&As with a football player. (okstate)

In praise of Mike Holder. (PFB)

I love the idea of a college football team scoring 100 and everything that goes along with it. Gary Patterson apparently does not. (Big 12 Sports)

Jimbo is just trolling at this point. Hard. (Deadspin)

Love this from 1989 about Gundy facing off against Kansas State as a QB. (NewsOK)

I’m rooting for the “five teams finish 7-2” scenario. (Football Study Hall)

These A&M throwbacks are just…wow. (CBS Sports)

An open letter from one Greek alum to Pistols Firing. (PFB)


And we thought OUR scandal was expensive. (CBS Sports)

Russell Westbrook went big on his outfit for the first game of the season. (Fox SW)

I do love the Simmons-Thunder fans relationship. Both are clearly pretty irrationally in their own corners and that makes for some tremendous hate discussions. (Daily Thunder)

Other sports

I watched five innings of MLB this season but Bumgarner seems like a boss. (Deadspin)

Somebody carved Rickie Fowler’s face into the side of a pumpkin. (CBS Sports)

This poor woman — I think she was scared to death. (Deadspin)

Speaking of baseball, I’m intrigued to see when this ubiquity comes to other pro sports like…say…golf. (Nieman Lab)

More stuff I’m reading

I really enjoyed this Q&A with Charles Barkley. (Sports Illustrated)

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