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Bullets: How James Castleman overcame dyslexia

How OSU’s offense will move the ball against UDub’s stellar D, Ford and Nash got into it at halftime and why OSU didn’t foul.





JW Walsh on visiting a children’s hospital in Arizona: “It makes you appreciate what you have a lot more.” (NewsOK)

Here are the photos. Walsh plays pool about how you’d expect Walsh to play pool. (Flickr)

How will Mike Gundy and Co. close out their 2015 recruiting? Great stuff from Kyle Boone. (PFB)

Gundy: “We want to play well, we want to play fast, we want to give great effort and we want to play as a team.

“That’s more important than anything right now with these guys building their camaraderie and setting themselves up for the spring and next year.” (okstate)

Awesome profile of Shaq Thompson, the most valuable player in college football. (B/R)

Interesting stuff here on why other college football programs should try to be more like Baylor. (Fox SW)

I didn’t know James Castleman had dyslexia. Cool story here by Jenni Carlson. (NewsOK)

Often called Iron Mike in college golf circles because of his willpower I couldn’t dream of a better person to be in a room full of power brokers with ties to Oklahoma State. (CRFF)

Eight things OU fans are saying after getting stroked by Clemson. (PFB)

This is true of most good programs. They live and die by the ability to have a great QB: “A hundred things afflict OU football right now. None more than finding a quarterback who can deliver the ball.” (NewsOK)

On OSU’s responsibility to the Big 12. (Tulsa World)

Wait…Braxton Miller to FSU as a possibility?! (CBS)

Mason Rudolph’s dad played on a North Carolina team that shut out OU in Norman in 1988. That’s pretty cool. (NewsOK)

Stud WR recruit Tyron Johnson: “Mike Gundy is a great coach. We thought he was leaving, but he is staying after all.”

Also says he wanted to play at Oregon for the unis and that he’s basing his decision on which receivers coach will “put him in position to be the best I can be.” (NewsOK)

Terrific preview of the OSU offense against Washington’s incredibly talented D. Things probably won’t change much without Tyreek. (CRFF)

Washington, by the way, was 20th in the nation in points per drive allowed on defense this year. (BCF Toys)

The football gods finally struck back against Les Miles. (CBS)

Bill C. has tweaked his S&P model and it’s detailed and intriguing. Give it a look. (Football Study Hall)

Jacksonville’s GM on Blackmon coming back: “I think we have to treat it as a luxury. If he comes back, that’s great. If he doesn’t, we can’t count on it.” (NewsOK)

Pre-lunch football today and it’s TCU-Ole Miss? I’m in. (Yahoo)

Here’s video of the hospital visit.


Notes and thoughts on OSU’s 74-72 win last night. (PFB)

Apparently Ford and Nash got into at halftime last night: “Things got heated. Me and Coach Ford talked at halftime and he told me to come out in the second half and redeem myself. That’s what I did, trying to help my team the best way I could.” (NewsOK)

Ford on not fouling at the end of regulation: “We called timeout to foul, but didn’t get to him. Sometimes it doesn’t go the way you want it to go.

“We’ve been practicing it, believe it or not. It just didn’t end up that well. That’s what happens sometimes when you deal with 18-, 19-, 20-year olds, it doesn’t always go the way you want it to go.” (NewsOK)

More Ford: ““This is no excuse but we were very sick out there. Phil Forte was really sick. After about four minutes (into the game), the trainer came over and said he didn’t think he was going to be able to play, and then he plays 40 minutes. Michael Cobbins, I didn’t think he was going to be able to play.” (Scout)

…credit to Ford for having his team not drop dramatically after losing big talents Marcus Smart and Markel Brown. (CBS)

TCU is one of the six unbeaten teams remaining…in basketball. (Yahoo)

This tipped-in buzzer beater preceded the OSU game last night and was as insane as it was appreciated by OSU fans. (CBS)

This high school dunk from just inside the free throw line is absurd. (Deadspin)

Other sports

This is from a few weeks ago but yeesh…

How to fix fantasy football. This is smart but will never work. (Deadspin)

The USMNT scored a big citizenship point recently. (Deadspin)

More stuff I’m reading

If you’ve been following Serial then you’ll enjoy this interview with Jay in two parts from The Intercept. Part I | Part II

How to read more books in 2015. (Acuff)

Cool profile of Michelle MacLaren who directed a bunch of episodes of Breaking Bad. (Vulture)

Some interesting takeaways here from 10 lessons learned in social media in 2014. Via DeShazo. (Buffer)

Nine big ideas that shaped 2014. (Vox)

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