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Bullets: Josh Holliday can still swing it a little bit

Are you Glenn Spencer’s kind of guy, Austin Hays on Gundy’s beard and Donnie W. on why OSU is chasing.




Football misc.

I’m not sure I’m Glenn Spencer’s “kind of guy.”He’s humble, hungry. He’s on the edge of his seat every meeting. He asks the right questions and it hurts him when he doesn’t do right. Those are my kind of guys. (NewsOK)

Roger Goodell, clown show. Is this the first time he’s ever seen Mariota’s name? (Big Lead)

Great Austin Hays quote here: “I haven’t seen Coach Gundy this happy in a while. He’s smiling every day. He’s cracking jokes. He’s growing his little beard out from time to time. So everybody is in a good mood, I think.” (NewsOK)

Roger Goodell: “Don’t make me do stuff.” (PFB)

Yeah, getting both of these RBs would have been amazing. (ESPN)

Todd Mays loves Stillwater.

Bedlam baseball

Donnie Walton: “I think defending a championship you try to be safe. If you go chase one, you tend to be more aggressive and have a better attitude.” (NewsOK)

Cool story about brothers on opposite sides of the diamond tonight. (Tulsa World)

OU has a real chance to raise its RPI this weekend against Oklahoma State. How about we don’t let them. (ESPN)

A preview.

Josh Holliday can still swing it.

Hoops misc.

I don’t know how to solve the problem of what freshmen ineligibility would do to football. But it would be a blessing to basketball. (NewsOK)

OU is 28-1 to win it all in hoops next year. (Yahoo)

I think I’m in on Billy Donovan. I’m (still) bitter about 2000, but I think he’s a good coach. (Daily Thunder)

Other sports

Miguel. Angel. Jimenez. “More than 50 years since I was born,” Jiménez says, then points a finger southward, “but I’m only 20 down there.” (Sports Illustrated)

Rickie Fowler moves on at Match Play to the Sweet 16. (CBS)

More stuff I’m reading

Thoroughly enjoyed this podcast with Andy Greenwald. No sports talk but it’s really good. (Longform)

25-year-old me cares not about this. 30-year-old me? Couldn’t be more all in. (Kottke)

David Letterman’s paper cups. (Kleon)

I concur with this on discovery fatigue. Discovery (search) is exhausting, I think it’s also the most important thing the next generation can learn to do the right way. (Godin)

This looks great. Was that Dwight Howard?

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