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Bullets: Let’s talk about that KU win for one more day

OSU wins Bedlam wrestling, highlights from Saturday and the Cowboys have to turn around to Waco tonight.




Basking in another Kansas win

Travis Ford: “I think it was more about us than them. We did make them turn it over a bit more, we did speed them up a little bit, but it got us being aggressive, it got us in attack mode.” (AP)

Bill Self: “We didn’t play very well. We didn’t coach them very well. We didn’t do anything well.” (okstate)

In a season with no big expectations to live up after the departures of Marcus Smart and Markel Brown, Oklahoma State is positioning itself nicely for an NCAA Tournament bid and possibly a fun run in March. (Yahoo)

My writing on OSU’s win over KU in GIA (Gamer | Thoughts)

Here’s a great look at the court storm from field level. (ESPN)

Insane: The last seven head-to-head meetings overall between the two teams have been decided by a grand total of three points, with Kansas holding a 499-496 edge. (okstate)

Was this OSU’s biggest win in the last four years? I think the Smart backflip in Lawrence and the one last season were probably “bigger.” (Scout)

Count me among those rooting for Ford as well. (CRFF)

This is tremendous. Ford on Forte: “I didn’t think he’d go,” Ford said. “I went and saw him an hour before the game. He’s in the training room. He’s got a blanket over him, didn’t look good. I walked out and told a coach, ‘He’s not gonna play.’ Then I thought, ‘Well, I’m dealing with Phil Forte here, wait a second.” I said, ‘Yeah, he’s gonna want to play.’” (O’Colly)

I think Le’Bryan wants to just play 18 Big 12 games against Kansas. (NewsOK)

Here are the photos from Saturday’s game. MORE ANTHONY ALLEN! (Flickr)

Here’s the best one:

Highlights from Saturday…

Baylor is next (like, tonight)

Travis Ford thinks his freshmen have turned a corner (this is a Mike Gundy trope) but I’d be stunned if they won in Waco tonight. (Tulsa World)

Here’s a good look at where Oklahoma State stands right now in regards to the NCAA Tournament. (CRFF)

OSU hasn’t won in Waco since 2006. (okstate)

Here’s Ford previewing the Baylor game…

Basketball misc.

Willy Cauley-Stein pulled a Le’Bryan Nash on Saturday at Florida. Have mercy. (CBS)

This dunk too…oh my. (Yahoo)

I like this — which is the best OSU team ever. Eternal arguments. (CRFF)

Dean Smith passed away at age 83. (Yahoo)

Why he mattered beyond hoops. (FTW)

The Anthony Davis winner on Friday was absurd. (Big Lead)

Somehow this post on Ish Smith is even better than the headline and the headline is pretty amazing. (Daily Thunder)

Wrestling goes 2-0 including Bedlam W

OSU wrestling smashes top 20 team, John Smith says “we were flat.” (okstate)

Then they went out and thrashed OU on Sunday. (O’Colly)

The photos of OSU coaches during wrestling matches are the absolute best. (Flickr)

Football misc.

Duke started spring ball on Friday? 😐 (CBS)

The five best names of 2015 recruits. There are some gems. (CBS)

You can see why Gundy focuses his attention in the state of Texas. These numbers are preposterous — 11x as many Big 12 recruits from Texas as Oklahoma. (ESPN)

Les Miles is out of control. (Fox Sports)

This from Todd Dodge is intriguing: “to me the places that are really successful, are the ones that are able to keep the quarterback room together and then just replace them and continue to play at a high level.” Great article on QBs and recruiting. (Yahoo)

This might be my favorite satire piece ever. (PFB)

Chris Fowler out, Rece Davis in. (Yahoo)

Devon Thomas was arrested again. (NewsOK)

Other sporting things

OSU golf finishes sixth in Hawaii. Not necessarily a good thing when a freshman is leading the way. (okstate)

Anybody watch this? Looks pretty good…

More stuff I’m reading

What happens when you unfollow everyone on the Internet. (Medium)

Everybody is finally figuring out that homeschooling is the only way to go. (Wired)

I watched this documentary on living on a dollar a day over the weekend. It was pretty awesome. (Living on One)

This TED talk on the art of self-confidence is terrific. (Saddington)

My wife read this and it’s really good (according to her). You should get it on sale today. (Becoming Minimalist)

These hand-painted ski trail maps are awesome. (Kottke)

Defining “hacker.” I think this makes me a hacker. (Saddington)

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