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Bullets: Mike Gundy doesn’t think OSU is that far away from being good

OSU defense gets in a fight, Kansas gets destroyed, and could Emmanuel Ogbah win DPOY in the Big 12?





So a bunch of starting defensive players beat the crap out of a drunk lunatic at a party over the weekend… (O’Colly)

I do think Gundy is right about OSU not being as far away as people think they are. Maybe that makes me a moron but I believe it. (NewsOK)

Who in the world is going to win the Heisman? (CBS Sports)

Tre Flowers and Jordan Sterns talk trash to each other about…basketball? (NewsOK)

At least our O-Line won’t block any negative press about them (!) (CRFF)

Does Emmanuel Ogbah have a shot at Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year? (Fox SW)

Some random thoughts about Mike Gundy and the Florida job that I needed to get down on paper. (PFB)

My gosh, the degree to which Robert Allen finds it necessary to defend the “clever” Mike Gundy is incredible. (Scout)

Berry is right, the Big 12 is in trouble when it comes to the College Football Playoff. The whole thing is pretty fascinating to me. Does anyone actually know the criteria? (NewsOK)

But wait, Mississippi State might be in trouble. (Big Lead)

Guess who said this: “If their hearts weren’t broken, it would be an issue. They’re hurting. But the resolve is still there.” (NewsOK)

I would be “frustrated as hell” too if my team was behind Oklahoma State in the standings. (Yahoo)

RG3 is making everyone insane. (Deadspin)

A recruiting wish list for Mike Gundy and Co. (PFB)

Berry talks about why somebody would want to be the head coach at Florida. Good points about the SEC East. (NewsOK)

The kid in the Eaton jersey here is killing me. (Flickr)

I see the NFL taking a page out of the NCAA handbook and just making up suspensions as they go along. (Big Lead)

Also, this was funny (“funny”):


Jeffrey Carroll makes his case to be the fifth starter. (NewsOK)

Ford: “We still have a long way to go as a basketball team, a long way to go. But I liked the potential of this basketball team. I’ve enjoyed coaching them up to this point and watch as a they continue to be unselfish and support each other.” (O’Colly)

Counting down the best OSU basketball players ever, 5-1. (PFB)

Ford on OSU becoming Point Guard U: “I’m just falling in love with Tyree Griffin. I’m just falling in love with him. So now we’ve got two really elite point guards on our basketball team, and you have to have that.” (O’Colly)

Man, the Thunder trying to win games without their two best guys is an experiment that is not going well. Play them, Brooks! (Daily Thunder)

Kansas got destroyed by Kentucky last night. (ESPN)

Also, here’s a great Calipari GIF. (Deadspin)


At least Bill Self found it humorous.

Zach Lowe on narratives and success. He’s embarrassingly good at his job. (Grantland)

Highlights from last night.

Other sports

How much of a wrestling name is “Kaid Brock”? (okstate)

Tiger Woods is really mad at Dan Jenkins (which is kind of funny). (CBS Sports)

More stuff I’m reading

The universe is scary. via @bpzim. (BuzzFeed)

Michael Lewis on extreme wealth.[1. Reminder: YOU DON’T HAVE TO READ IT.] (New Republic)

Email subject lines are a waste of your time. (Washington Post)

How to charge more for your art and work in 2015. (Acuff)

This looks insane and good.

Ditto this.

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