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Bullets: Mike Gundy talks about dismissing Tyreek Hill

Garth Brooks talks baseball, should Mike Yurcich’s contract be extended and some great photos from last night’s basketball game.





Gundy on Tyreek: “No matter what the temperament is, or what your temper is, or what her temper is, if there’s anything that happens, you have to walk away, then you have to run and stay away.” Also, why is that girl’s name being printed? (NewsOK)

Should Mike Yurcich’s contract be extended? There’s a decent case to be made here. (CRFF)

Here’s a good film study on how OSU’s defense finished the season. (PFB)

Bill C’s favorite things he wrote — I can pretty much blindly endorse all of them. (Football Study Hall)

Emmanuel Ogbah and Jordan Sterns make ESPN’s All-Big 12 underclassman team. (ESPN)

Police were called to Tyreek Hill’s apartment at the beginning of November. (PFB)

I won’t know what to believe in if The U is Adidas. I really won’t. (CBS)

Josh Furman: “When I came here for the Orange Blitz game (in the spring) and I saw the star position and how they played it, I knew I could be successful with it.” (Scout)

Mason Rudolph says “it’s not about the Twitter game” (lies!) and talks about the discussion he and Gundy had in OT in Norman when he wanted to throw it. (NewsOK)

Bo Pelini is going to coach the Penguins. That’s awesome. (Yahoo)

Here’s the longer Q&A with Gundy on Tyreek. (O’Colly)

Good stuff here from Chandler Vessels on how OSU players performed in the NFL in Week 15. (PFB)

Giving Mason Rudolph a month of extra practice and all that post-Bedlam momentum is going to make for a fascinating performance in the TicketCity Cactus Bowl. (ESPN)

Gundy on the Big 12 not getting a CFP team: “There needs to be a plan for a solution, because we can’t have this many good football teams in this league and not get one in the top four. We can’t allow that to happen again.” (NewsOK)

Here’s the bowl watch guide. (PFB)

Gary Patterson has received a new contract from the school that will keep him paid “through the decade.” (CBS)

This trick shot kick is pretty amazing. (Yahoo)

Wait, the Big 12 WILL be in the title game! (NewsOK)

I am a Mason Rudolph believer. He’s had some rough moments in his two starts against Baylor and Oklahoma, but he’s made more plays than mistakes and with a month to prepare as the starter, I’m fascinated to see how much improvement he’s made. (Fox SW)


Le’Bryan is the only top 15 prospect from the 2011 class still in college. Really good read here from Gary Parrish. (CBS)

Travis Ford on the W last night: “You look at the points in the paint for us, that makes me happy.” (NewsOK)

Marek Soucek dressed as Gandalf for The Hobbitt with Christien Sager and Alex Budke. (PFB)

Cobbins: “Everybody came out, we were focused from walk-through this morning, and it showed out on the court tonight.” (ESPN)

Is OU trying to play every school in Oklahoma this month? (CBS)

Some great photos from Tuesday’s game. (Flickr)

Highlights from last night…

Other sports

Reasons to be excited about golf in 2015 (Part II). (CBS)

Garth Brooks on playing baseball.

More stuff I’m reading

Enjoyed this profile I stumbled upon about Trey Woods who runs Hoboken Coffee in Guthrie which sponsors PFB. (Guthrie America)

Longreads’ best sportswriting of 2014. They should just hyperlink to Brian Phillips’ archive page. (Longreads)

On developing two different kinds of focus. (99U)

Begin with the smallest possible project in which someone will pay you money to solve a problem they know they have. Charge less than it’s worth and more than it costs you. (Godin)

Eight things Michael Lewis wishes for Wall Street. (Bloomberg)

The best movie posters of 2014. (Mubi)

Why you’re practicing all wrong. About music but applies in a lot of industries. (Bulletproof Musician)

Just incredible…

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