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Bullets: ‘Oregon just outplayed us’

What was wrong with Forte, at least we have baseball and wrestling and Rennie Childs’ big opportunity.




Oregon hangover

Le’Bryan says it well here: “Oregon just outplayed us. They made shots, and that’s the name of this game. Who’s going to make the most plays?” (NewsOK)

Good stuff here on Anthony Hickey. He really was awesome on Joe Young. One of the few bright spots from Friday night. (NewsOK)

Why Travis Ford called for that foul at the end of the first half. (PFB)

The Cowboys scored only four points in the last four minutes of the game. Worse, they made only one shot from the field during that crucial stretch. (NewsOK)

Best of social media from the game. (PFB)

Phil Forte was playing through a knee injury. Here’s Ford: “You can sit there and say, ‘Phil, your knee is twice as big as your other knee. Oh, I’m fine. I’m fine.’ Even when he had the flu (earlier in the season), ‘I don’t have no flu.’ And he’s got a 104 temperature.” (NewsOK)

Travis Ford is proud of everything his team accomplished this season. I have no idea what it accomplished this season. (PFB)

Ford: “I feel bad for them, no doubt. Love ’em, love ’em like my own children. These guys are my life. I live with them every single day. So I understand their pain.” (NewsOK)

Photos from the Oregon game. (okstate)

Next year

Anybody excited about that Evans-Forte-Newberry-Shine-Solomon starting five next year? (NewsOK)

The personnel losses in the starting lineup will hurt, but (Juwan) Evans has the ability to be one of the biggest impact freshman guards in the country next season. (ESPN Insider)

Hoops misc.

The best thing I read all of last week. The greatest 80 hours. (CBS)

A big dose of credit has to go to Travis Ford and his assistants. But the Cowboys had to overachieve in part because of recruiting shortcomings by those same coaches. (NewsOK)

The women lost out as well, to Florida Gulf Coast. (NewsOK)

The Wichita State win over Kansas was so awesome. (Yahoo)

Gonzaga is, uh, excited to be moving on to the Sweet 16. (CBS)

Wisconsin’s players are obsessed with the stenographer which is about as Wisconsin basketball as it gets. (Deadspin)

What the f*** is wrong with Barack Obama? (Yahoo)

Marcus Smart punched Matt Bonner in the balls and then tried to say he didn’t mean to. (PFB)

Steph Curry is all the LOLs. (Big Lead)

Wrestling championship

Oklahoma State had four All-Americans and one national champ. Still, finished 7th overall at the NCAAs. (Big 12 Sports)

Alex Dieringer gets another one of those charcoal painting things for winning it all. (okstate)

Some great photos from St. Louis. (okstate)

Football misc.

This Baylor TE is terrifying. I want one. (CBS)

Oklahoma State’s QBs haven’t been all that productive since TCU and WVU joined the Big 12. Pretty average. (ESPN)

On what Rennie Childs has at stake this spring. During a span of eight seasons — 2006-13 — the Oklahoma State ground game rolled for more than 150 gains of at least 20 yards. During the 2014 football season, there were only 11 such plays. (Tulsa World)

At least we have baseball

OSU took down No. 1 TCU in the first Big 12 series of the season. (okstate)

Bay Hill

Rickie Fowler didn’t play great, but at least he finished in style.

More stuff I’m reading

What did the OKC media do to piss off KD and Russell? (Grantland)

Checking out an abandoned Astrodome looks like all kinds of fun. (Big Lead)

All the time we spend inventing reasons is probably better spent responding to what occurs. (Godin)

Rethinking the Bible for a mobile world. (Fast Company)

Here’s the solar eclipse in Europe.


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