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Bullets: OSU baseball is now in the spotlight

Dez Bryant rule amended, Travis Ford’s ghastly contract and ranking the Sweet 16 games.





Michael Freeman snagged Big 12 Pitcher of the Week honors this week with his complete game win over TCU. (Big 12 Sports)

Oklahoma State took a series from the No. 1 team in the country over the weekend. On their own turf, no less. (PFB)

Tim Arakawa: “Nobody likes to lose — if you like to lose, you’re a loser.” (okstate)

Travis Ford’s contract

This interview by Pokelahoma of an attorney who reviewed Travis Ford’s contract is excellent. (CRFF)

Oklahoma State has a $9.6 million problem. (PFB)

Robert Allen looks at the disparity between what football and basketball coaches make at big schools. He also sort of defends Ford but not really. Interesting. (Scout)

Why Gregg Marshall is never ever ever coming to Stillwater. (PFB)

Hoops misc.

Read this from Brian Phillips on how the NCAA killed scoring in college hoops and why it doesn’t care to fix the problem. (Grantland)

There were no excuses for the Big 12 to miss the mark on expectations by a wide margin. Now, as the ACC basks in the glow of its 11-1 tourney mark and five Sweet 16 teams, the Big 12 can say goodbye to its reputation as college basketball’s best league this season. (Fox SW)

The best photos from the first two rounds. (CBS)

Ranking the best Sweet 16 games. (Big Lead)

Ranking the Sweet 16 teams most likely to win a national title. (Yahoo)

Somebody has $500 on Kentucky to go unbeaten at 50-1. (Big Lead)

Some of you hate these guys I think, which is stunning given that this is the Internet, but this is a fun trick shot video.

Football misc.

I’m a fan of these new Syracuse uniforms. (CBS)

The helmet Final Four is Michigan-Texas-LSU-Navy. Navy? (CBS)

The Dez Bryant Rule gets changed, is still incredibly confusing. (CBS)

More stuff I’m reading

Interesting look at how Finnish schools are operating. (Kottke)

The obscene wealth of free time at my command must’ve seemed unimaginably exotic to them, since their next thousand Saturdays are already booked. (Kleon)

Great Mike Tyson headline. Great Mike Tyson video. (Kottke)

The curious and vital power of print. (New York Times)

When we intentionally seek out the difficult tasks, we’re much more likely to actually create value. (Godin)

Everyone is trying to act quickly, but too often they run out to solve a problem without fully understanding what problem they are trying to solve. [raises hand] (What’s Best Next)

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