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Bullets: OSU’s offense heading towards 2001 levels of futility

“Poor Ramon Richards”, why isn’t OSU trying to spread it out, and Mike Cobbins is stoked to be back on the court.





I vote that we change his name to “Poor Ramon Richards” (Poor Richards for short, of course) — good stuff here on how one eight is bouncing back from getting lit up a little bit. (NewsOK)

Kevin White flipped off OSU’s bench on Saturday. Kevin Peterson ain’t over there, 11. (PFB)

So if you’re Oklahoma State, who has a troubling offensive line, why do you not try and use what has worked for hundreds of teams who have been in your exact same position. Such a great post. (CRFF)

Also this:


I’m still not sure how to feel about Mike Yurcich. We have one of the best groups of receivers in the country, (literally) the fastest running back in the country, an average QB, and a bad offensive line. I just feel like we should be better. (NewsOK)

There are a lot of Greek homers out there who don’t really understand what I was saying here. I could have taken the post a step further, really, and pointed at the university and said “stop announcing Homecoming awards at halftime, this is your fault” and I probably should have.

Instead everybody just thinks the noisier they are on social media the more I’ll be affected by what they say. I think I just described the Internet, actually. (PFB)

I liked how Kyle Fredrickson laid out the struggles facing the OSU offense here. Good stuff. (NewsOK)

Weekend Bullets. (PFB)

It’s weird to think that we’re still probably the 6th-best team in the conference (or a better spot than we were in in basketball last year). (NewsOK)

I wonder how many players (Teddy Johnson) have a career that includes one reception and one touchdown. If Johnson goes the last five (four?) games without a catch then he will have done it. (Big 12 Sports)

Speaking of Johnson, he hasn’t scored since 2006! (O’Colly)

Good OSU-West Virginia infographic here. (PFB)

Kip Smith off the top rope! “Going into this I had it in my mind that I wanted to win this duel with him (O’Toole). It was one of the games where I really wanted to be better than my counterpart. I want to do it every time. but this one was one I had circled.” (Scout)

Jeremy Maclin took down all of the Gatorade. (Deadspin)

Ahead of this week’s Big 12 contest at 11th-ranked Kansas State, OSU is on pace to finish with a regular-season total of only 41 touchdowns. It would be the program’s lowest total since 2001, when the first Les Miles-coached Cowboy team mustered an 11-game total of only 28 TDs. (Tulsa World)

You know, in a lot of ways LSU and OSU are in the same spot right now. (CBS Sports)

This Ole Miss fan is the craziest. (Deadspin)

Here are the “highlights” from Saturday.


Cobbins on Homecoming & Hoops: “I spent most of the time before the game fighting back tears, and I couldn’t fight it anymore. Even after the game was over with, I still couldn’t fight it any more. It’s the last go around, and this really is home. It’s something you care about.” (NewsOK)

Tom Izzo dressed like KISS over the weekend. (Yahoo)

Player entrances here at 43:30…

Other sports

Let me join the chorus of voices in singing praises for Stat Muse. It looks tremendous. (Stat Muse)

More stuff I’m reading

How to win the creative lottery. (Kleon)

A New York Times digest TinyLetter I’ve been enjoying immensely. (TinyLetter)

Going to see this tonight with Mrs. Pistols. Stoked.

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