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Bullets: Ramon Richards told Tyreek to catch the punt

Is the Big 12 ahead of its time? Mike Gundy attends (a different) Bedlam and what would an 8-team playoff look like?





No, Berry is wrong here. It’s not a conference championship game that kept the Big 12 out of the Playoff. It’s that Baylor and TCU are not as enticing as Ohio State. (NewsOK)

OSU will play UDub in the Cactus Bowl. (PFB)

I liked Whetsell walking us through the events of the last few weeks that led to the Tyreek punt return. Quite a scene. (CRFF)

Here’s why the Big 12 is actually ahead of its time. (Rolling Stone)

And here’s the exact opposite of that opinion. (Yahoo)

Here’s the Bedlam infographic. (PFB)

If your eyes were on the Oklahoma State sideline, wide receivers Brandon Sheperd and Marcell Ateman held onto each other as Ben Grogan approached the ball. Then, they tried to outleap the other in celebration as the kick went through the uprights. (Tulsa World)

Ramon told Tyreek to catch the punt. I knew Ramon was the man. (Scout)

Gundy: “There’ll be a lot of times in their life their backs against the wall and they’ve got to find a way to get out, and that’s what they did.” (NewsOK)

Here are all the Big 12 bowl matchups. Ole Miss-TCU is going to be a war. Baylor-Michigan State is good, too. Texas-Arkansas. Some really good pairings here. (Big 12 Sports)

Here’s what Mike Gundy’s Coaches’ Poll ballot looked like. (PFB)

Hah, Art Briles had Bama No. 4. (CBS)

Some leftover notes on a wild Saturday night. (PFB)

I think we, uh, might be giving Gundy’s cleverness a bit too much credit. Though I don’t know what other choice there is…but that win is retroactively shaping the way we view Gundy in the weeks leading up to Bedlam instead of letting them stand on their own. (NewsOK)

We’re in the 30th-best bowl! (Yahoo)

The best of Twitter during Bedlam. (PFB)

David Ubben imagines what an 8-team playoff would look like. (Fox SW)

Tyreek Hill’s punt return goes down as a Bedlam all-timer, and the supposedly embattled Gundy gets the haters off his back.

And yes, Coach, you can say it now: Bowl practices will help this team. QB Mason Rudolph continues to shine, and the month of extra prep he gets should prove valuable. (ESPN)

Junior Tyreek Hill’s 92-yard punt return in the fourth quarter was second longest punt return in school history. Incredible. (Big 12 Sports)

So Bill Young isn’t going to SMU. For now. (NewsOK)

You don’t add teams to a conference so you can hold a championship game. You do it if it makes fiscal sense and doesn’t water down your product on the field. Otherwise, you end up with Rutgers and Maryland in your conference and can’t remember how or why it happened. (Fox SW)

Jeff Fisher trolled the Redskins so hard on Sunday. (Big Lead)

Here’s the Gundy Bedlam presser.

Tyreek speaks!


Matt Norlander wrote that the Big 12 was the best conference in the country and OSU went out and tried to get shutout on Saturday. (CBS)

Russell, my goodness, this dunk. (Deadspin)

KD gonna KD. (Fox SW)

Other sports

OSU got a Bedlam sweep on Sunday in GIA. (NewsOK)

Here are some in-depth notes on the match. (O’Colly)

Here are the photos from Bedlam wrestling. Gundy’s pullover tho. (Flickr)

Rickie Fowler used a putter to get out of a bunker over the weekend at Tiger’s tournament. (CBS)

Jordan Spieth is an absolute terror. He beat Tiger by 26 over the weekend. 26! (CBS)

Here are the highlights from GIA.

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