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Bullets: The Big 12 renounces (kind of) its ‘one true champion’ slogan

Blake Bell holds the cards, Stoops wants Bedlam in Thanksgiving, and Baylor Baylors.





The Big 12 decided that it does not, in fact, crown one true champion. (ESPN)

So Van Malone might be headed to Dallas to be a coordinator for SMU. Bummer. (NewsOK)

Am I the only one who didn’t know about the Oklahoman uni tool? Carson showed it to me and I subsequently spent about 30 minutes on there. (NewsOK)

The Bedlam struggle is real for Mike Gundy. These numbers are tough to look at. (PFB)

Bill Blankenship is out at Tulsa. Maybe Gundy is interested in that job? (CBS)

Trevor Knight is out. Let’s check in on Blake Bell. (NewsOK)

Berry thinks TCU should be ahead of Florida State. How funny would it be if TCU and Baylor made it and FSU didn’t? (NewsOK)

Gundy refuses to name a starting QB which makes everybody mad…at me? (PFB)

Notre Dame’s bowl game is going to be chosen by a random drawing. College football, ladies and gentlemen! (CBS)

Truth be told I much prefer December Bedlam to Thanksgiving Bedlam. Sounds like Stoops just prefers December games. (NewsOK)

We have a new No. 1 conference according to ESPN. (ESPN)

Tom Fornelli’s 10 things were awesome this week. The RichRod GIF! (CBS)

I was actually just wondering the other day about how many years the HBC had left. You know those Augusta tee times are calling. (CBS)

Baylor hired a PR firm to help it get into the playoffs or help it with its media relations or something. (Fox SW)

OU is still a national title contender. (PFB)

The Big 12 will now offer multi-year scholarships as well as providing the full cost of attendance for student athletes. That’s a good thing if you’re a student-athlete. (Yahoo)

ODB gonna ODB. (Deadspin)


Can you imagine a blowout of the Sooners in 2011 that didn’t involve a TD by either Weeden or Blackmon? This is fun to look back on. (CRFF)


If OSU wins on Wednesday against North Texas it would improve the Cowboys to 191-4 in non-conference home games, dating back to 1987. Wow. (okstate)

Maryland is one of the year’s early surprises which, if OSU beats them, is a good thing. (Yahoo)

Travis Ford notes from Monday:

Other sports

Alex Dieringer is the Big 12 wrestler of the month. (Big 12 Sports)

Another season just means more disrespect from the Big 12 for our volleyball girls. Really starting to frustrate me. (Big 12 Sports)

Marcus Smart thinks this is excessive. (Big Lead)

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The 50 best albums of 2014. (Paste Magazine)

A Shaun the Sheep movie is being made. (Kottke)

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