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Bullets: ‘There’s only so much you can back somebody into the corner’

More on the Gundy selfie, Meacham lets ’em hang and Clint Chelf used to help his sis get shots up in GIA.




Quickie Bullets today as there’s much family and football to get to. We made it, by the way. Four full years of PFB. Here’s to a great fifth. Go Ducks.


David Glidden will return punts on Friday night. (NewsOK)

Pat Jones on Mike Gundy having to “beat his administration.” (PFB)

Chris Petersen is pretty much the best. The list of coaches I’d trade Gundy for is not lengthy but I think he’s on it. (Tulsa World)

James Castleman: “There’s only so much you can back somebody into the corner. Eventually, we’re going to come out swinging and fighting. I think that’s what we showed, especially in the OU game. Came out fighting. Ended up clinching that bowl spot.” (NewsOK)

Gundy on why Rudolph has been good: “We’ve protected better in the last two games than we did through that difficult middle-of-the-season stretch. Des Roland has run the football a little better. That’s contributed to some success.” (Tulsa World)

Cool story here on Ben Grogan’s cancer-surviving brother. (NewsOK)

Here’s the Gundy selfie. (PFB)

And an even better one.

More on what happened with Gundy calling for media day selfies. It’s seriously one of the stranger stories I’ve read this season. (NewsOK)

Mike Gundy: “I think we like the weather. I think bowl games are about the team, and how important it is to them. We’ve had nine good practices, the very best we’ve had this season.” (Big 12 Sports)

A reminder that OSU has the third-best bowl winning percentage of any team ever (min. 20 bowl games). (Wikipedia)

How will Mike Gundy and Co. close out recruiting in 2015? (PFB)

TCU crushed on Wednesday. Crushed. (CBS)

Chris Petersen on Rudolph:

Big Balls Meacham here.

Here’s what OSU’s hospital visit looked like.

Here’s Ryan Simmons’ presser.


cc Travis Ford. Also, I encourage more usage of the word “chicanery” in 2015. (Yahoo)

Clint Chelf used to help his sister get shots up in GIA. (okstate)

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