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Bullets: Travis Ford is actually having a pretty good year

Let’s not crown Rudolph yet, Forte on his routine and where is all the good Tex-Mex in Oklahoma?





Good column from Jenni Carlson on Travis Ford. She’s right — thus far this is his best work to date. It’s not like we’re choosing from a big room of Picassos…but still.

Also Nash has a really interesting quote about last season. The more I think about it the more bizarre last year’s team becomes. (NewsOK)

Wow, not even Big 12 refs would approve of this! (Yahoo)

OSU hasn’t won in Norman since 2004…which means in the last 10 years we’ve won one basketball/football game at OU and it was on Tyreek’s back. (okstate)

This is satire. This is satire. This is satire. This is satire. (PFB)

Are you concerned about Marcus Smart’s flopping? (Celtics Life)

So Kevin Durant wants to know why you’re on Twitter. I would sort of agree — or at least ask the question — unless you have an audience you need to push things in front of. (ESPN)

Here’s the follow up — it’s just as interesting. (Daily Thunder)

Ugh, Victor Oladipo is awesome. I wish the Thunder had him. (Big Lead)

Here’s Travis Ford’s weekly interview.

Here’s Forte talking about how he works differently now….smarter.


Mike Gundy called a bunch of O’Colly writers “punk college kids.” My thoughts on a wild last five weeks. (PFB)

Let’s not crown him as a future of the Big 12 quarterback position quite yet, but Rudolph shows all the signs of being able to lead the Pokes into title contention. (ESPN)

Who will be the James Washington of 2015? Here’s a look at a few candidates. (PFB)

OSU’s new DBs coach used to punch himself in the face at Colorado State to get his team fired up. Wow. (NewsOK)

The most and least-surprising underclassmen returning to college in 2015. (CBS)

Good post here from Robert Allen on OSU’s QBs. Probably nothing you haven’t seen yet but sort of a summation of Gundy’s quotes. Gundy does admit Daxx had a concussion. Not sure I’ve seen that in print anywhere. (Scout)

Here’s a little bit on Chris Warren who OSU is trying to snag. He got an offer from A&M recently. (ESPN Insider)

Five things we learned from the college football season. (FTW)

Gundy: “Our players like playing football here. The lifestyle we provide for them is beneficial for them. It’s hard ( to play college football), it’s stinking hard and that is why it’s hard to lose because you put so much in.” (Scout)

The Packers play Settlers of Catan. That’s awesome. (Deadspin)

Other sports

Karsten Creek was selected as a regional site for the 2016 NCAA golf tournament. Yawn. (NewsOK)

Jesus Christ, Bob Marley and my grandfather. We’d eat sushi. (okstate)

More stuff I’m reading

Wait so Oklahoma has a disproportionate number of Tex-Mex eateries? Why are none of them good? (Foodspin)

This is good but I would add it can go too far. You can overdo it: As we move away from the top-down regime of promoted movies, well-shelved books and all sorts of hype, the recommendation from person to person is now the most powerful way we have to change things. (Godin)

You know you’re a privileged person when the fun of complaining about injustice outweighs the pleasure of a just outcome. (Fredrik deBoer)

Stop saying “I’m busy.” Guilty as charged. (99U)

Did we really need an in-depth study to show that poor people pay a higher effective local tax rate than rich people? Related: Move to Texas. (Slate)

Here’s the new House of Cards trailer.

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