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Bullets: Travis Ford visits Darrell Williams on senior night

More on Dez, OSU got itself some coachin’! and why Phil Forte is trying to do too much.




Hoops misc.

Travis Ford visits Darrell Williams on senior night. I know he might not live up to your standards (or mine) as a coach but I’m starting to genuinely like Travis Ford. (Dallas Morning News)

During its losing streak OSU is getting out-rebounded by 13 a game! (O’Colly)

Berry on court stormings: Only by the grace of James Naismith did KU’s Jamari Traylor not pulverize KSU student Nathan Power, who body-checked the Jayhawk forward and could have instigated a melee that would have scarred the sport far beyond the Flint Hills. (NewsOK)

Good look at how (and why) Phil Forte is trying to do too much. (Scout)

Daniel Orton got released from his basketball team in the Philippines for insulting Manny Pacquiao’s basketball-playing ability. Not satire. (NewsOK)

Adidas continues to be drunk when it comes to March Madness. (Yahoo)

I think we’ve already seen 15 variations of this video but here’s another.

New coaches

I was going to break down the five new coaches Mike Gundy hired but this is a more complete post than I could do in a week, so here you go. (Scout)

So this new OL coach sounds pretty legit. If you’re turning Syracuse offensive linemen in to NFL players, I think that’s probably pretty good. (NewsOK)

Wait, why does OSU have ANOTHER assistant coach leaving? (PFB)

Interesting comments here from Gary Patterson on how difficult it’s become to find a high quality of life as a head college coach. Same thing Gregg Marshall said when he turned down UCLA a few years ago. (Fox SW)

The Dez video

Two great roundups of info. Here’s the first. (Big Lead)

And the second — from an OSU writer’s perspective. (CRFF)

Here’s a funny satire piece on what Roger Goodell should do with Dez. I’m sure a lot of folks are taking it seriously. (GQ)

Football misc.

That third-down conversion rate, woof. (ESPN)

I like this SMU helmet. (CBS)

Dan Mullen now makes more (a lot more) than Mike Gundy. (CBS)

All of the felonies for Devon Thomas. (Tulsa World)

Other sports things

Who at OSU would benefit most from a name change? (PFB)

Houston chairman demands chance to be irrelevant in Big 12. (PFB)

Pretty great commercial here.

More stuff I’m reading

The dress is orange. (Gawker)

I don’t agree with all of this but there’s some good stuff in here on money management and living frugally (which I strive to do). Heck of a title, too. (Vox)

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