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Bullets: Tyreek Hill’s attorney says he’s innocent

Forte discusses his injury, Cobbins discusses the rhythm of the KU game and OSU is in a lot of too-early 2015 Top 25s.





Cobbins: “In basketball, it’s hard to get into a rhythm when it’s stop and go, stop and go.” (ESPN)

Thoughts and notes on the OSU-Kansas game from last night. (PFB)

Forte on what happened to his leg in the second half: “Usually I take a lot of pride in being the best-conditioned player on the court. So I don’t use that as an excuse. I don’t really see what was different. I just try to go out there and play hard every game.” (NewsOK)

Ford on Tuesday’s messy performance: “We’re not overly happy with the way we played. Kansas had a lot to do with that. And then we had some opportunities we didn’t take advantage of; didn’t play smart at times.” (NewsOK)

This is random but I wonder what Nash’s first half/second half splits are. He has to be averaging like 45 points per 40 minutes in the second half of games this year.

This will sum it up: Four Oklahoma State players made more than one field goal. Eleven Cowboys committed more than one foul. (Tulsa World)

Angel Rodriguez took down Duke in Cameron and OU is reeling. Great, we play them Saturday. (CBS)

There’s Brook Lopez to OKC talk? I didn’t know about this… (NewsOK)

We have a Dunk of the Year candidate from last night’s game and it wasn’t by OSU. (Yahoo)


Oklahoma State is 50-1 to win it all in 2015. (PFB)

I would read thousands of words on a behind-the-scenes of Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit prep. Here are a few hundred. (FTW)

Tyreek Hill’s attorney: “We have not received any police reports at this point, we have no knowledge of what the actual charges are, factually. We will wait to get those, but my client is innocent, there is no question about that.” (NewsOK)

Here are 10 predictions for 2015. (PFB)

Everybody is tagging Oklahoma State as the biggest threat to Baylor and TCU in 2015. (ESPN)

Boone on Gundy:

It’s pretty humorous to me that Urban promised his team he’d get a tattoo if they won it all. I believe that story is full circle now. (CBS)

Gundy remains one of the country’s strongest dealers with even a reasonably full deck. (Big Lead)

The Oregon-Ohio State title game was the most-watched program in ESPN history? Wow. (Yahoo)

The college football season from A to Z. Great stuff. (Big Lead)

Why Cardale Jones should go to the NFL. I don’t disagree with this. (FTW)

I can’t unlock this article but Robert Allen references “high-brow college football bloggers” as if this is a thing that exists. (Scout)

If a turnover is, on average, worth about five equivalent points of field position, Oregon’s luck advantage of 2.42 turnovers was worth about 12 points. In a game the Ducks still lost by 22. (Football Study Hall)

More stuff I’m reading

If you read one thing from the Bullets today make it this. (Medium)

I like this chart of potential 2016 GOP candidates. (538)

In the next 40 years, humans will need to produce more food than they did in the previous 10,000 put together. Wait…what? (Economist)

This is my iPhone background and has been for a while. (Kleon)

Behind the scenes of the Lego movie. (Kottke)

My ego argued, “Wait, wait, wait! I thought the whole point of blogging was to get people to tell you that you’re interesting or cool or have nice hair. If we don’t immediately share what we’ve written, how will we know it’s good? How will we know it matters?” (Acuff)

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