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Bullets: Tyreek would ‘smoke’ Alex Ross in a race

Bob Connelly is nicer than Joe Wickline and why Daxx needs to start sliding.





Someone who has raced both Tyreek and Alex Ross on who would win a race between the two: Tyreek would smoke him. The difference is, Alex Ross is a speedster, but Tyreek runs an Olympic 200 time. That’s what makes him so special. People don’t understand how fast that guy is moving.” (NewsOK)

Mike Gundy wants his linemen to stay off computers and David Koenig says Bob Connelly is a lot nicer than Joe Wickline (shocking!) (O’Colly)

Agree with this — I think both the OSU and OU games will be really close this weekend. (NewsOK)

Crazy story here about how SEC players probably got paid — it left me incredulous. Is SI flying Thamel and Thayer to investigate? (CBS Sports)

An upbeat side story to the 49ers-Broncos game this weekend! (Tulsa World)

Interesting take that a return to the spotlight might be a good thing for Oklahoma State. (ESPN)

On blogging, breaking news, and TCU’s quarterback. (PFB)

F/+ has us getting beat by 30. Weeee! (SB Nation)

Gundy on why Daxx needs to start getting down: “It’s not like he’s going to break a tackle and go run another 20 yards.” (NewsOK)

TCU struggles mightily with the slot receiver. (CRFF)

Really cool breakdown of Tyreek’s two kick returns here. (NewsOK)

Texas is making steady improvements in the coin toss! (PFB)

Robert Allen says OSU fans are joining right in with the Oklahoma media and OU fans… (Scout)

Texas and LSU will play in 2019-20? And A&M continues to be trolled. (CBS Sports)

The OC/DC poll was pretty much dead even which is amazing. (PFB)

All this blitzing talk has me thinking that we need to throw about five screens to Tyreek in the first quarter. (Tulsa World)

I really do love that OSU is putting these online now.


There are four ranked teams inside the top 25. OSU is…um…not one of them. (Big 12 Sports)

If Nash can pull off the transition to being an efficient high-usage scorer, the Cowboys will have a shot at getting back to the NCAA tournament. (ESPN)

Other sports

I got chills at Joe Buck’s call last night. (Big Lead)

A recap of the OSU-Ontario exhibition game. Jon Littell = real deal. (okstate)

Highlights from that exhibition game on Tuesday.

More stuff I’m reading

You can now listen to a podcast in a tweet and keep scrolling. Pretty cool. (Nieman Lab)

Why saying “let’s go around the room” in a meeting doesn’t work. (Godin)

This map of the United States in 1681 is awesome. (Kottke)

Five thought-provoking notions about small business. (John)

Like those preschoolers who pictured a cloud in place of a marshmallow, the secret to willpower might not be grit, but imagination. (250 Words)

Takes a while to get cranking but this looks immense.

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