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Bullets: We got a trick-shot kicker from Pennsylvania

Regional starts tomorrow, no more f-bombs at Big 12 events and can John Kolar drive or no?




Stillwater Regional

Cool story here about Tim Arakawa and Gage Green. (Tulsa World)

Why Marty Lees left Oregon State for the other OSU. Good stuff. (NewsOK)

TCU and Oklahoma State are among 10 postseason teams that have yet to be shutout this season. The Big 12 is one of three conferences with multiple teams who can make that claim. (Big 12 Sports)

If you’re going to the Regional, here’s everything you need to know. (okstate)

Football misc.

No more f-bomb chants at Big 12 events. (Fox SW)

We just keep flirting with that 930 APR number, don’t we? (NewsOK)

One of OU’s 39 QBs is transferring. (Yahoo)

Here are the cities that have bid on the 2018-2020 National Championship. (Yahoo)

John Kolar looks like he’s barely able to drive. Man of few words, too.


A blogger’s dream. We got a trick-shot kicker from Pennsylvania. (NewsOK)

The hidden gems of the 2010 class. You’re going to enjoy No. 1. (ESPN)

Texas A&M is gunning for Nick Starkel. (PFB)

More stuff I’m reading

Uh, what? 1,200 people have died building the World Cup for Qatar?? (Deadspin)

Chris Connelly takes over Grantland. (Big Lead)

Keep track of the names of people who have helped you. (Godin)

Internet initialisms. I didn’t know most of these. (Daily Writing)

How not to work for Letterman. (Newsweek)

Jason Segel actually kind of looks like David Foster Wallace.

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