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Bullets: Who had Jeremy Seaton as the only OSU offensive player to be All-Big 12?

College Football Playoff rings, Herbie and Fowler on Kimmel, and a uni request on Twitter.





Jeremy Seaton (!!!) is the only Oklahoma State offensive player on the All-Big 12 first, second or honorable mention teams. Jeremy Seaton! Also, how about TCU sweeping all the top awards? (Big 12 Sports)

This piece on what fans were doing when Tyreek ran the punt back is pretty awesome. (NewsOK)

The College Football Playoff rings are pretty good. (CBS)

Uni Roundtable: The Black-White-Orange curse has been exorcised forever. (PFB)

The Big 12 was fourth among the power five in terms of how many teams it got into bowls. (NewsOK)

Notre Dame’s AD: “College sports needs to treat athletes more like other students and let them be paid through group licensing deals for use of their names, images and likenesses.” (CBS)

Bob Stoops kicked to Deuce McAllister in 1999 at the Independence Bowl and it cost him there too. Not like Bedlam, though. (NewsOK)

Tyreek Hill and Emmanuel Ogbah won stand-alone Big 12 awards this season. (PFB)

Ogbah is the first OSU player to be named Defensive Lineman of the Year. I honestly didn’t even know this was an award. (okstate)

Ubben disagreed: If you don’t think Brown is the most dominant and disruptive defensive presence in the league, you’re spending too much time looking at numbers and not enough looking at what’s going on at the line of scrimmage. Maybe Brown would get a little more notice if he played for a brand-name program. (Fox SW)

OSU got a three-star safety from Dallas after Bedlam named Bryce Balous. (PFB)

Balous: “My favorite part of football is laying the wood on people. There is no better feeling.” (Scout)

Here’s a video of two kids singing Rudolph the Redshirt Freshman which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense when you think about it but really…who cares, we won Bedlam. (PFB)

Why do coaches keep leaving Wisconsin? (Yahoo)

Michigan contacts Les Miles because Les Miles’ agent wants Les Miles to get another raise. Oh is that not what the headline said? (CBS)

I’m not against expansion, but to say the Big 12 needs to add two teams to be taken seriously is ludicrous. (CRFF)

My man Chris Knox is taking uni requests on Twitter. This is how it’s going…

More on the All-Big 12 awards.


Anthony Allen played soccer in high school which means OSU has had two 6’11 players in the last two years who played high school soccer. That’s weird. (NewsOK)

Yikes! Southeast Oklahoma State withstood a late Tulsa rally to upset the Golden Hurricane 69-66 on Wednesday night. (CBS)

Kansas went to Georgetown last night and got a W. (Yahoo)

Kobe took a shot against all five defenders yesterday. (Big Lead)

Other sports

I wrote about Rickie Fowler’s uni game here as something to be excited about for the 2015 golf year. (CBS)

If you like golf you should read this mailbag from our friends over at No Laying Up. The end about Bubba was amazing. (No Laying Up)

More stuff I’m reading

Ah, using Darren Rovell tweets on Tinder. The Internet, folks. The Internet. Also really funny. (Big Lead)

My Misspent Youth — on being a young, in-debt writer in New York. (Longform)

Why you should schedule your own death. (99U)

I’m in on this. The documentary of it (Man on Wire) was incredible.

Good stuff here. Herbie’s laugh is so high!

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