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Bullets: Will a week of prepping Daxx mean big things for OSU’s offense?

Glenn Spencer loves hustle on special teams (shocking) and what to do with Mason Rudolph?





I’m always fascinated by Heisman odds and Todd Gurley is your new favorite. Tough to bet on a RB, though, — given that only Mark Ingram has infiltrated the QB-Heisman ranks since 2005. (CBS Sports)

JW Walsh out indefinitely after surgery, could become next United States surgeon general after doing the surgery himself. (PFB)

Least surprising thing you’ll read today: I tend to show clips of PAT and field goal blocks,” Spencer said. “And I tell our kids every year, ‘You can watch to see the heart of a defense by how they rush field goals and PATs.'” (NewsOK)

Good job on the Joe Mixon suspension, OU. (PFB)

In their first game, the Roadrunners intercepted the ball four times against Houston. Houston’s offense is still like it has always been, pass happy, and although Garman is likely better than the talent that the Cougars have at quarterback, the lack of experience could bite Garman. (CRFF)

If you like GIFs, I think Thursday’s roundtable was the greatest GIF post in PFB history. Just a work of art. Oh, and we talk about the team, this week, and the glory days of Miami football. (PFB)

“I love the Cowboys marching band. But I hope they don’t give me nightmares on Saturday night.” (NewsOK)

Carson nearly talked me into Rudolph becoming the starter right now on the podcast we did. What happens if Daxx throws three picks in the first half against UTSA? Here’s Kyle Fredrickson on the Rudolph scenario. (NewsOK)

I wrote this on 9/11, Les Miles, and 43. I’d appreciate you reading it. (PFB)

This mis-timed UH defensive back jump on a pass on Thursday night was amazing. (Big Lead)

On The Freek:  When a teammate challenged a 175-pound Hill to power clean 315 pounds, Hill gladly obliged during a max-out day. After completing his teammate’s challenge and setting a new personal best in the lift, sprinted out the door to do a celebratory lap around the field house while screaming in celebration.

“Course, he was back in about five seconds,” Eldridge said. (Fox SW)

Having a full week to tailor the offense around the arm of quarterback Daxx Garman should do wonders for the Oklahoma State offense. (ESPN)

The sample size is so small but a good look here at how Daxx/Walsh stack up on short/long passes. (Tulsa World)

Good post on whether SMU can ever be resurrected. I think it can. I mean, if Baylor can, SMU can. (Football Study Hall)

I’ve started trying to write a little on teams not named OSU and it’s been fun. This on the Texas Experiment and how odd it seems so far. (PFB)

If Daxx does what JW did last year I am fearful for the hype..

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This on glance journalism was really intriguing to me. Also, this is a newsletter you need to subscribe to. (Dan Shanoff)

This on reading is good news. (Atlantic)

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