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Bullets: Would OSU have thrashed LSU like Mike Gundy said?

Billy Donovan to OKC, new college football helmet and how James Castleman will watch the draft.





Good story on Corey Hassel (the guy who hit the walk-off against Texas). Josh Holliday says he’s right on schedule for development (Travis Ford: “what is a development schedule?”) (NewsOK)

It will be interesting to see if OSU can hang on to a No. 1 seed for the Regional or even move up to being a national seed (top 8). (CRFF)

That Orioles game yesterday was bizarre. (Big Lead)

The LSU trash talk

Mike Gundy just straight crushes that 2011 LSU team that played for the title. (PFB)

The question shouldn’t be: Would Oklahoma State have beaten LSU by three touchdowns? Rather, it’s more like: Could Oklahoma State even have scored three touchdowns on that LSU defense? (ESPN)

Football misc.

OSU is chasing an offensive lineman that looks like Brock Lesnar. (PFB)

I like UConn’s new helmet. (Yahoo)

How James Castleman will watch the NFL Draft. (Tulsa World)

Joe Wickline sounds like he’s struggling to recruit a little bit. (Tulsa World)

This from Bill Hancock is true: “People need to understand the risk/reward nature of conference championship games. If two other games had come out differently Dec. 6, the Big 12 could have had two teams in the playoff, and the conference would look like geniuses.”

Until there’s uniformity among conference (i.e. never) then you’re going to be measuring imbalanced outcomes. (Yahoo)

Here is the best Brandon Pettigrew story ever. (PFB)

Re-drafting the 2015 recruiting class. Two Pokes in the top eight. (ESPN)

JW on how he got to Stillwater.

Presented without comment.

“Iron sharpens Iron” ~Proverbs 27:17~

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Hoops misc.

Billy Donovan, eh? I can be talked into it (Royce tries to do that here), but I can’t get super excited about it (not yet anyway). (Daily Thunder)

The Rockets social media guy got canned for those two emojis. (Deadspin)

Other sports

Iowa State beat us in the Big 12 golf championship. Iowa State! (Big 12 Sports)

More stuff I’m reading

This on how to focus better with just 18 minutes a day is excellent. (99U)

The trolley problem. (Kottke)

Teddy R. on the strenuous life. (What’s Best Next)

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