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Daily Bullets (Apr. 5): Live Golf with Rickie Fowler and Matthew Wolff, Where OSU’s TV Money Could Go



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Happy Cinco de Mayo all – chips and queso definitely count as a meal today.

OSU Bullets

• This on where the payout that universities (like Oklahoma State) will go is fascinating.

Summarized: we (fans) pay (provider) to watch games who pay ESPN/FOX to broadcast them who pay the conferences for the rights who payout their member schools

Rickie and Matthew Wolff will take on Rory and Co. LIVE in a couple of weeks

• Read this post and tell me Charlie Dickey isn’t right next to Kasey Dunn as the ace recruiter on the staff – Cade Bennett will maul in the run game

• Two fascinating remarks in college football yesterday: the Big Ten didn’t rule out the possibility of “operating independently” (from other schools) and the Arkansas athletic director clarifies “one plan” is to start practicing football in mid-July

• The O’Colly did fun profiles on two of OSU’s incoming basketball recruits in Rondel Walker and Montreal Pena

• Jawun Evans is a pretty serious ballplayer. I could have went for seeing him play his junior year in Stillwater.

• Pretty sweet Star Wars Day-meme to a receiver recruit (I’m pretty sure this is the right guy):

Non-OSU Bullets

• Love these Godin thoughts on “being bored”
• Great sociological read here on the virus, our isolated culture, and family
• Been chewing on the CP3-to-Knicks trade concept – I’d be more excited about Kevin Knox/Frank Ntilikina + a New York first-rounder. Don’t think Chris Paul would be though.

There was a gem of a quote in this article about a Wisconsin guy who runs hundreds of marathons a year:

“People are capable of way more than they think they are,” Shattuck says at one point. “Running can do almost everything for you. I’m doing this because I want people to know that they can do more. I want them to want to do more.” [Outside]

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