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Daily Bullets (Apr. 9): Kevin Durant on Cade Cunningham, Most Viewed of the Week



Thanks for stopping by – here’s your daily dose of Oklahoma State sports news.

Tough loss for the Pokes last night at O’Brate Stadium losing to the Sooners on a tough coaching call. Back at it this afternoon.


Baseball: Oklahoma 8, Cowboys 7
Women’s Tennis: Cowgirls 7,West Virginia 0
Men’s Tennis: Baylor 7, Cowboys 0

Three Thoughts

These questions going into spring ball are good – who is the running back/how does the line run block feels huge.

How that part of the offense complements Spencer Sanders, relieves Spencer Sanders, and helps eat clock and keep the defense off the field will be massive.

• This quote from Kevin Durant on Cade Cunningham is pretty wild – “can wreck a whole defensive gameplan…”

“When you got a 6-7 point guard, I mean, s*$@, that’s a good start,” Durant said of Cunningham. “You know what I mean? Somebody who can wreck a whole defensive gameplan, you know, with his size, his talent, his skill.”


This picture of fans just watching the Masters undistracted was terrific – could you imagine the noise at Boone Pickens Stadium with cell phones banned?

Two Quotes

• Even after a tough loss last night... Weekend series with the Sooners at O’Brate? Yes, please.

Tyreek Hill may be the all-time best flag football player to grace the earth:

One Question

• Pulled this from the Feels like 45 Podcast account – if you could reverse any of these four OSU football moments, which would you do?

The correct answer is the 2011 field goal but all would be terrific to change.

Most Viewed of the Week

• No. 1 Longtime OSU target Courtney Ramey entered the portal

• No. 2 Former OSU quarterback Ethan Bullock is in the transfer portal

• No. 3 Daily Bullets – Gundy talks Super Conference

• No. 4 Daily Bullets – Cowgirls atop the Big 12

• No. 5 Dominic Richardson expected to handle the load in 2022

Non-OSU Bullets

The Tiger is back in Masters town
A time to hustle and a time to stroll (faith-based)

Went and watched this Michael Bay movie last night, heart still hasn’t recovered. Just disappointed no Transformers were involved.

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