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Daily Bullets (Aug 9): Two QBs for Too Long Equals Wasted Reps, Prolonged Race is a Vote for Sanders



Player I’m most excited to see on the field this fall: Jelani Woods. 6’7″, 265 pounds – how many secondary players will it take to tackle him? Four?

Bullets Rundown

• Two QBs (for too long) = wasted reps
• Prolonged QB race = Spencer Sanders
• Buy all the Chris Carson stock

OSU Bullets

• I just don’t feel like the opinion of riding with two quarterbacks into the season is the best move.

During last week’s OSU media day, this was among the first questions pitched to Gundy: “At what point in preseason camp will you consider it absolutely necessary to identify a starter?”

“We might not,” Gundy replied. “We might play two. If you were at practice today, you’d say, ‘Play two.’ They were both pretty good.

“I know people say that if you can’t name one, you don’t have any. I don’t see that.” [TulsaWorld]

I’m all for playing out the competition for fall camp but the same arguments that applied to giving Taylor Cornelius all the snaps last year (only so many to go around, need to prepare “the guy”, etc.) still apply here. All of that to say I think at some point you pick a horse and you ride it.

And realistically, how prepared is one guy for the Texas game if he’s been giving half of the reps to his backup through fall camp and non-conference play? That’s not giving you the best chance to win.

•  Stemming from the above – at this point, in a dead-even tie, you have to play Spencer Sanders this year.

Ok, but you just said there isn’t a best guy (at least not right now) so you’re going to play both of them. Logically, playing the best guy makes sense. I don’t agree with that logic because I think if it’s even close one way or another you play the younger guy, but I respect the logic of “this guy is the best guy so we are going to play him.” [PFB]

The logic of both quarterbacks being equal and choosing to play the quarterback with expiring eligibility just doesn’t make sense. I would argue that guy has to be two-to-three-wins better for that to be the logical conclusion.

Now – if Brown clearly separates himself? I’m sure we’ll all get behind him. It’s just the longer this draws out, the more it seems like Sanders is the play.

• I’m all over analyzing the fantasy football stock of former Cowboys in the NFL – and it appears Chris Carson looks to be a solid take this year.

As offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer said this week, “[Carson’s] got unbelievable hands and he’s a problem for people coming out of the backfield.” I’m bullish on Carson as an all-around weapon in Seattle’s backfield and I’m grabbing him in every draft I can. He’s got high-end RB2 upside at a fourth-round cost. [The Ringer]

It appears Chris Carson isn’t the only former Cowboy with the capacity to catch a ball out of the backfield:

• A Cowgirl defender made the soccer preseason All-Big 12 first team

• This was fun – 25 iconic moments in college football history

Non-OSU Bullets

• Are we sure the Thunder didn’t win the Paul George trade? My two cents is that the Clippers win for the next two-years and the Thunder wins long term.

• What happened to the Enola Gay after it dropped the atomic bomb?

• A look inside Google’s top-secret R&D lab

• Why hotel rooms don’t offer free toothpaste (like they offer shampoo, etc.)

• More personal in nature but this faith-based read, an “open letter” to someone considering renouncing the Christian faith could be encouraging to someone
– disclaimer: I have complete respect for other’s opinions and their right to have them.

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