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Daily Bullets (August 28)



Football news

Boone broke down the depth chart here. Not a ton of surprises, though two true freshmen returning kicks might be of slight interest. (PFB)

Kevin Peterson should be ready for the opener. (NewsOK)

“We’ve been talking about winning a Big 12 championship,” Rudolph said. “That’s the goal every year here, and once we get there, who knows what’s next?” Oklahoma State fans have haile­d him as a prince, celebrated him as if he were a warrior. He has played three college games. (O’Colly)

Notes on Mike Gundy’s press conference from Thursday. (PFB)

Good feature here on Mike Yurcich and his wife. (O’Colly)

Gundy to Travis Haney: ““All the years we were really good, we ran the football to throw the football. We went from 5 yards a carry to 4.5 to 3.6. That’s something we needed to address in order to be successful.” ($) (ESPN)

OSU’s defense could be the cornerstone of its team. (Tulsa World)

Here’s a mini hype video to get you pumped about next Thursday. (PFB)

Five things we learned from fall camp. (PFB)

Glenn Spencer and Mike Gundy get it. Points per possession is all that matters. (ESPN)

Which teams return the most production in 2015? Poor Kansas. (LGG)

Pokes in the pros

Great interview with Adarius Bowman here. Says he doesn’t come back to the US very much. (Go Pokes)

This Dez article in Rolling Stone. Hoooo boy. I previewed it here, and you should read the entire thing. (PFB)

Emmanuel Ogbah

Your must read of the day is on Emmanuel Ogbah. Kyle Fredrickson digs into his backstory and it’s very good. (NewsOK)

Mike Gundy really did talk about Emmanuel Ogbah (excuse me, OG-baw) like he was a family member. (NewsOK)


Jeff Carr stuff

He loves Barry Sanders. (PFB)

Plays like him too.

Uniform chatter

The 10 best Oklahoma State uni combos (Part 1). (PFB)

UConn has terrific gray basketball unis. Not so much when it comes to football. (Yahoo)

Speaking of, here’s the college football uni watch preview. So many changes. (ESPN)

Around the country

OU, eh?

Herbie also nominated Ryan Simmons as his “enforcer.” (ESPN)

I thought this was very funny. Kansas’ QB is just trying to survive. (PFB)

Tennessee is measuring the sleep its players get. I think that’s really smart. (Yahoo)

Bedlam soccer

Colin Carmichael thinks the Women’s World Cup set OSU’s soccer team up nicely to have more interest from fans. (NewsOK)

That game, by the way, is tonight. (okstate)

Usain Bolt

Smokes Justin Gatlin in the 200.

Gets taken out by a dude on a segway. (Big Lead)

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