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Daily Bullets (August 31) – Surprising Agreement Between Cowboy Fans, Kickoff Return Questions



Statistically Surprising

The more I looked at OKC Dave’s annual survey, a couple of things stuck out as surprising: the desire to beat OU and Boynton’s approval ratings.

* Bedlam’s importance to OSU fans is high. In the first year of the survey, only 44 percent of Cowboy fans picked OU as the one team they would most like to beat. Those percentages were 51, 80, 58, 63, 64 and 68 percent the next six years. But the last three years, it’s been 88, 91 and now 89 percent.

“It’s hard to get nine out of 10 people to agree on anything,” Hudson wrote, “but beating OU has been a top priority for 90 percent of us for three years running.” [NewsOK]

The commentary resonated with me – getting 90 percent to agree on anything is fascinating. But in this scenario, you have a couple of fan groups intersecting – those surrounded by OU fans who could lose every game and be happy with winning Bedlam and the rest of us who could imagine having three more (2013, 2015, 2016) Big 12 championships with a win over the Sooners.

“On to Eddie Sutton, I mean Mike Boynton, CHECKING IN AT 95% APPROVE. Wow! I mean we were the 8 seed in Kansas City last year. We didn’t make the tournament (I know, I know, we should have, but still). Boynton’s right-hand man was caught up in a FBI investigation (I know, I know, it looks like Boynton is clean, but still). I’m not sure he should be up there at Gundy levels, but what can I say. I get it. You can’t help but love Boynton’s personality and the culture he is working on bringing to Stillwater. I don’t know if he can sustain this level of support, but I sure hope he can because it will mean OSU basketball is in for a very bright future if he does.” [NewsOK]

Approval ratings seem highly correlated with exceeding expectations – something Boynton did by leaps and bounds this season. I don’t have a lot of those for the 2018-2019 Cowboy Basketball team but the 2019-2020 team? That may be where it gets tricky to exceed expectations.

Bet On It

Some comments that slipped through the crack prior to last night’s game – Bobby A. on Mike Gundy’s kickoff return preferences.

Gundy also mentioned that he likes the new kick-off return rule where the ball can be fair caught inside the 25-yard-line and it will be placed at the 25. He said his staff will evaluate other team’s kickoff squads. If the kicker is really good at kicking the ball out of the end zone or to a spot deep in play then Gundy said they won’t waste time working on returns. If they think they will get opportunities then they will work the return game. [GoPokes]

I’m not much of a gambler but the odds of Gundy letting a returner bring it past the 25 more than a time or two each week can’t be high.

OSU and NCAA Notes

Tramel looks at Cornelius and his track record of success….A handful of week one games to watch tomorrow….See what the betting lines are for games around the Big 12 in week one….A Big 12 football team made this list of three overrated teams per preseason rankings….Tramel gave his report card grades and a closer look at the numbers after week one….Beer made it’s first appearance last night (for all fans)

Football minds processing the enigma that is Taylor Cornelius.

Enjoy these top plays from last night:

Gosh this was fun seeing Chuba in space.

Boynton’s a blast.

Seems reasonable at this point in the season.

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