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Thurman Thomas Predicts Oklahoma State Finishes 11-1 in 2018 Season



If you thought the PFB team came off hot with its season predictions on Wednesday, then you might want to take a seat for where Thurman Thomas just pegged the Pokes to finish 2018.

In a response to a tweet asking for who he’s rooting for and what their record will be this season, Thomas went full en fuego by predicting an 11-1 finish for Oklahoma State.

11-1 would be a fantastic season, to be sure. But the #math there may not check out; if OSU went 11-1, it would almost assuredly be playing a 13th game for the Big 12 title (and at least an ensuing bowl game), making its potential record something like 12-2 … or better if the CFP was on the table.

We’ll give Thurman the benefit of the doubt that he’s talking regular season record only though. And bartender, I’ll have what he’s having!

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