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Daily Bullets (August 4)



Born With It

As Kendall Hunter, Joseph Randle and others before have done, Justice Hill stormed onto the scene with intangibles overlooked in the recruiting process – but raved about by his position coach.

“The moment wasn’t too big,” (Wozniak) said. “Justice never seemed to me — and I didn’t see it in person — but he doesn’t seem to be a guy who had the deer-in-the-headlights look, like a lot of freshmen can have. He just goes out and plays.

“And then, he’s able to let his natural instinct take over. There’s things at the running back position that you can’t coach. A guy’s just got to figure it out and go. And he does that. He knows when to be aggressive. He knows when to cut laterally or cut vertically. He’s a good player.” [NewsOK]

Field vision, confidence and appropriate aggression in a 190-pound speedster gives some incredible balance to this Cowboy offense.

The Road Less Difficult

Gundy talked with ESPN about his scheduling preferences.

“Because originally they said we need you to schedule up,” Gundy said. “They said this four or five years ago, and our conference really stressed to our presidents and ADs about preseason scheduling if you want to have a chance to get in.

Last year, Washington didn’t play anybody and got in. So it brings up the same topic again: Do you say, ‘I want to be 3-0 and if I run it, I’m in no matter who I play?’ Or do I want to take that risk of playing a team that I could lose to, and essentially maybe not get in?

“I’d rather be 3-0,” he said. [ESPN]

Curious to see how Holder’s successor works with Gundy on setting a schedule but OSU football is in a nice place taking on the middle of other conferences (Mississippi State, Pitt, Oregon State).

OSU and NCAA Notes

SportsOnEarth thinks the Pokes have the third best offense in the country…..Rivals thinks Gundy is a top ten coach….Some gems in this interview with Tyron Johnson….Odds are broken down on OSU’s record for the season….Couple of Pokes listed in top 50 in college football

Love some Blake Jar-witten.

Highest economic value in a picture?

Love this triball combo.

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