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Daily Bullets (Dec. 7): Most Viewed of the Week, Making Sense of Bedlam



“The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what you share with someone else when you’re uncool.”  -Lester Bangs

Bullets Rundown

• An OU problem Gundy won’t solve
• Ten thoughts from Bedlam
• Boomer is a goner


• Wrestling: OSU 18, Princeton 15

OSU Bullets
Most Viewed of the Week (No. 1): Mike Gundy has an OU Problem He Won’t Solve

Something insightful that Boone talks through is this feeling before Bedlam: “this is the year, isn’t it?”

The 2019 argument was all based on the hope that the defense would shine brightly, merely encouraging the trend of Jalen Hurts turning it over to continue. That a veteran offensive line would spring an all-time back with just enough space just enough times. That Dru Brown had a few throws in him we hadn’t seen yet.

I think this may be the hardest part of being a Cowboy fan: reconciling that the stinkers who pull for OU will get seven of eight from the good guys, even during the golden years.

Most Viewed of the Week (No. 2): Ten Thoughts from the Bedlam Loss

Rereading and rehashing this all feels like kicking a dead horse repeatedly. But some phrases just seem to explain the loss well. This one in particular:

OSU got put in so many uncomfortable spots while OU just did what they wanted. They ran all their stuff. They were never uncomfortable, and as a result, OSU never even sniffed the W. [PFB]

The other was this: If OU played the game without Hurts and CD Lamb, do they win? Maybe. But I’d be curious to know who wins that game with Tylan Wallace and Spencer Sanders playing.

Most Viewed of the Week (No. 3): Grayson Boomer is Gone

As rainy day on OSU Football continues, one of the few four-stars on campus is headed out. How many times can one small town break Cowboy hearts? This is a niche comment as it’s in reference to the four-star linebacker from Collinsville that decommitted and flipped to OU. The only way I feel a bit better about this one is if Boomer pulls a Darrion Daniels and decides to play with his brother at the University of Tulsa.

Most Viewed of the Week (No. 4): What Gundy Said After the Bedlam Loss

The two things that stuck out were the following – 1) how Gundy felt like they left something on the bone (see “It’s a disappointing loss because I just didn’t feel like we played as good as we could’ve, coaches and players.” and 2) the comments around not winning with field goals.

There was an energy OU brought to the field, a passion, an aggression that could account for part of the defecit. But the field goal one I don’t get. At what point between the three field goals in the first three quarters was it realized that wouldn’t cut it?

A buddy and I were chatting at lunch yesterday and the consensus was this: I’d rather see OSU lose by four touchdowns and roll the dice on fourth downs than lose by a reasonable amount.

Most Viewed of the Week (No. 5): Mike Gundy has an OU Problem and OSU has a Gundy Problem

Gosh this is a tough one. If you see this week’s top article, it leads you to a place of hopelessness. Perceiving Mike Gundy’s lack of zeal and hunger to get over the top (manifested in recruiting efforts) as the problem, him being replaced would be the natural next step.

My view is different on this subject. It’s just as defeatist but I think it’s an Oklahoma State problem, not a Mike Gundy one. It’s hard to imagine a better option than Mike (how many exist in CFB today? more than five but less than ten?) but it’s easy to imagine a worse one. Ask Nebraska, they’d kiss Bo Pelini right now if they could.

Non-OSU Bullets

I think I ascribe to the bus ticket holder’s theory of genius
• OKC’s Chris Paul is in a limbo of his own creation
• The Atlantic interviewed NYC pastor Tim Keller and it was great
• This faith-based reminder about Christmas was great – sort of a continuation of the article I posted earlier this week

I liked these general thoughts from a newsletter I get from author James Clear:

 How to Be Unhappy:

-stay inside all day
-move as little as possible
-spend more than you earn
-take yourself (and life) too seriously
-look for reasons why things won’t work
-always consume, never contribute
-resent the lucky and successful
-never say hello first
-be unreliable

Invert for happiness:

-get outside each day
-move: walk, exercise, dance
-spend less than you earn
-view life as play
-be the one who looks for solutions
-develop a bias to contribute and create
-learn from the lucky and successful
-be the first to say hello
-be reliable []

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