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Daily Bullets (Feb. 9): Sanders Talks Dunn Offensive Philosophy

More on that Boynton ejection, too.



Bullets Rundown

• On the Cunninghams
• Boynton regrets ejection
• Sanders on Dunn’s philosophy


• MGolf: 4th
• MBB: Baylor 78 | OSU 70
• WBB: OSU 60 | WVU 57
• Wrestling: OSU 37 | Air Force 3
• Wrestling: OSU 25 | Wyoming 8
• SB: OSU 21 | Florida A&M 0
• SB: LSU 3 | OSU 2

OSU Bullets

• Love this on what it means for OSU to have both Cunninghams and how they’ll have one of them for a lot longer than the other.

• Kyle Cox’s five thoughts on the Baylor game yesterday were great. Also, here’s a follow up on the Boynton ejection (which was great).

• Kasey Dunn is the only non-white coordinator or head coach in the Big 12. Wow.

• Spencer Sanders on Dunn’s offensive philosophy: Score fast.

Corndog debut on Sunday!

• Donovan Williams has become a pretty fascinating prospect.

• Here’s an awesome look at incoming recruit comps by @HelpingHang (+).

• The President of the United States using #content from our people. What a world.

Non-OSU Bullets

Does information want to be free?

Boom Town is amazing.

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