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Daily Bullets (Jan. 27): What Mike Boynton Learned from Frank Martin



Good morning. Today is the 18th anniversary of January 27, 2001. Here are some great things OSU did this year to remember the 10.

Bullets Rundown

• OC search … continues
• Cam key in zone defense
• What Boynton learned from Martin


• WBB: Iowa State 84 | OSU 71
• MBB: OSU 74 | S. Carolina 70
• MTEN: OSU 4 | Arizona St. 3
• WTEN: OSU 4 | Kansas 3

OSU Bullets

• OC search continues (or just hasn’t been announced yet?). Scott Wright has five interesting names here (that probably don’t have a shot). One of them you should be quite familiar with by now.

Bodie Reeder: Yeah, him again. Even without the OSU connections detailed above, he’d be a perfect fit for this list, based on what Eastern Washington’s offense has done under his leadership. And while a potential quarterback coaching position is probably a more likely path for his return to OSU, Reeder is still regarded as a gifted offensive mind and a young, up-and-coming talent in the coaching world. [NewsOK]

I honestly forgot this search was going on for a second when I saw the article title this morning. At this point I would be floored if it’s not Dunn or Henson, and I would be even more floored if it’s a former OSU quarterback like Wright mentioned.

• Great stuff here from Marshall Scott on a new defense OSU used on Saturday against S. Carolina that had Crime Dog at the top.

The Cowboys have struggled forcing turnovers in recent games because of fear of foul trouble. Iowa State and Oklahoma turned the ball over only six times each in the Cowboys’ past two games. OSU forced South Carolina into 11 turnovers Saturday.

Teams will obviously put a lot more prep into going against a 1-3-1 before playing OSU moving forward, so it will be interesting to see if the defense continues to work when teams are more ready for it. [PFB]

I don’t want to overstate Mike Boynton as a college coach, but when people look at his recruiting and think “Travis Ford 2.0,” this is the kind of stuff I point to as a rebuttal.

• Mike Boynton on what he learned from Frank Martin is very good.

And he learned a lot from Martin even from a bit of a distance, and Boynton says that the chief thing he took from Carolina’s current head coach is how to balance being demanding on the court with building a great relationship on and off of the court.

“Frank is one of the nicest people I’ve ever been around and you try to square that with the persona he has publicly that he’s mean, demeaning, or a bully but he’s the exact opposite,” Boynton said.

“He’s demanding, he can be challenging, but that’s a good thing. You can do that, but you have to do the other, and he’s the best I’ve been around in terms of finding that balance between really challenging guys in between the lines and making them understand it’s not personal. Off the court, you have a total ally.” [Go Pokes]

• Six more years! Six more years! The Big 12-SEC hoops deal was recently renewed for another six years because it’s fun to watch amateur athletes who don’t normally get to play against one another face off in cross-country games in awesome arenas ESPN re-upped.

Big 12 commish Bob Bowlsby: “The extension of this preeminent basketball series assures our teams and fans high quality intersectional match-ups for years to come. We are pleased to continue our partnership with the SEC and ESPN to deliver these games for the next six years.” [Big 12]

Help is coming!

• OU and Texas scored four of the six 5-star receivers in the 2019 class.

Non-OSU Bullets

On raising (not lowering) expectations.

• Jason Fried, v smart.

• I just finished Becoming and Educated (both were awesome) and am almost done with Crazy Rich Asians and Praying the Bible. List of what I’ve read here. List of what I’m reading here. Infinite list of what I want to read here.

• On cutting out the big five companies from your life. Sounds like a lot of work!

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