Daily Bullets (January 14)

Written by Steven Mandeville
Frog Frenzy

A recurring candidate to replace Glenn Spencer has been TCU defensive coordinator Chad Glasgow – here’s some context on him from Berry Tramel.

I wrote about Glasgow last September. He was a walk-on from Woodward at OSU in the early 1990s. Then he joined the Cowboy coaching staff as a graduate assistant. He coached at New Mexico, Illinois State and Texas State before being hired by Patterson at TCU.

Glasgow has been with Patterson ever since, except in 2011, when Glasgow’s one year as Texas Tech’s defensive coordinator didn’t work out. Texas Tech d-coordinators never work out, so Glasgow was back in Fort Worth by 2012 and now is the defensive coordinator, at the Big 12’s most consistently-successful defensive school. [NewsOK]

Mike Gundy has expressed his preference to work with people he knows, Glasgow was a player while Gundy was a coach there initially and Glasgow was a GA on the same staff. Consider that box checked.

Fun Times

Looking back on the 2017 season, SB Nation had some thoughts on who the seven fun teams in college football were.

Oklahoma State. Here for the deep bombs and mullets, mostly, which is pretty much all you got out of Oklahoma State along with Justice Hill. Hey did you just think about Justice Hill only being a sophomore this year, and how Justice Hill also sounds like a place in a Western?

Also that Mike Gundy will probably pick his defensive coordinator off a stat sheet like he did with his previous hire at offensive coordinator, and it will probably work out just fine? [Every Day Should Be Saturday]

The football club at Oklahoma State has become a routine storyline for entertainment value by routinely making decisions and processes different than their peers – otherwise known as fun.

OSU and NCAA Notes

Lane Taylor is locking down a place in Green Bay….Baylor isn’t verifying it’s former coaches roles in assault dealings….Tre Flowers is perceived as one of the ten best defensive prospects out of the league….Politicking going on to try and get UCF, USF into the Big 12 – and here’s some perspective on it….SI breaks down the big 2018 offseason storylines in college football

Cobbo with the hilarious dig on a former Horn after yesterday’s W.

Nailed it.

Phog himself was getting down in Lawrence yesterday.

LPS Consulting is about to get paid, no one will be surprised when Ateman gets a few contracts in the league.

If he commits: over/under two plays before a dad makes the joke ‘He just made creamed “Brule”!’

What You Missed on PFB
  • OKsailor

    Still on the fence on Glasgow. I know no one has been able to field a defense at Tech but does anyone know the reason for only one season there? It seems a bit of a red flag. I’m more interested in the Troy and Fresno State coordinators, like it matters what I think.

    The letter to Bowlsby on UCF and USF made sense, it would add a huge market to the Big 12. I say add them and Cincinnati and Memphis, would be good for both football and bball.

    The Big 12 in basketball is nuts. How many losses will the number 1 team have by the end of the season?

    • David

      Adding those four would be great.

  • OSU Student

    I was never one that bashed the Boynton hire, but I was skeptical. But I am really, really starting to like this guy. We don’t have the talent that most other teams do in this league, and he isn’t the best X and O guy in the world, but you can tell he is 100% genuine with his guys, and truly loves them. This team isn’t expected to win 25 games, or finish at the top of their conference or anything, so you have to look at their success in perspective. And I believe he is overachieving this far, compared to expectations. When you watch his postgame speeches, especially yesterday’s, you can just tell how much he cares about his guys. And he doesn’t talk to them like a coach, he relates with them on a personal level, almost like a dad or a brother. And you can tell that that alone is making our guys fight for their lives for him. It will also help in recruiting. Once he gets a deeper lineup, he could really make a splash.

    • David

      Well, he’s not the best X and O’s guy on offense but he’s really sharp with them on defense. My only issue with him is the lack of ball movement. You can’t actually function the motion without it but I’m going to be patient on that side of the court this year.

      • OSU Student

        Yeah, that could be improved. But he doesn’t have the greatest offensive talent to work with. Hopefully it’ll get better with recruits.

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  • Stacy S

    Anybody else watch the Tech game and notice Sean Sutton coaching for them? Whenever that started, I missed it. A bit of googling reveals he’s “Advisor to the Head Coach”.

    Looks like Feb 21 at GIA will have Scott on our bench, Sean on theirs, and Eddie in the crowd for our boys taking on a (presumably) top 10 team. That’s kind of cool.