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Daily Bullets

Daily Bullets (July 14)



Football misc.

Mike Holder on 2015 ticket sales: “I’m very optimistic that we will set an all-time record. Later in the summer, people start coming back from vacation and OSU football is mentioned every day in the newspaper and on the radio and TV. Should be more momentum. I do feel confident that we’ll sell a record number of season tickets.” (Tulsa World)

Man, this would be a huge get at WR. OSU competing between Alabama, A&M and Texas for Tren’Davian Dickson. (PFB)

Wow, this on how the Power 5 conference teams could merge into one monster TV-revenue-driven league is wild (and entertaining). (Scout)

Five keys to a big OSU season. (CRFF)

Boise goes green. (Yahoo)

OSU added a former No. 1 JUCO safety over the weekend from Auburn. (PFB)

Dez drama

Dez threatens to not show up to camp.

Bryant cannot be fined for missing training camp without signing his franchise tender but would be forfeiting $752,000 for each regular-season game missed while not having the ability to get the long-term contract he desires. (ESPN)

Open Championship

I think Rickie Fowler could win this thing. (CBS)

Also, he’s finally going to be out-oranged.

Hoops misc.

It’s correct to say that OSU’s bench will be good next year. It’s also correct to say that its starters will not be. (CRFF)

Here’s why Le’Bryan isn’t on the Rockets summer team.

More cookin’!

More stuff I’m reading

Finished this book last night. It was excellent. (Amazon)

Dear people who live in fancy tiny houses (language, but hysterical). (Medium)

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