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Daily Bullets

Daily Bullets (July 27)



Cowboys on the Cowboys

Tony Romo is excited about Brandon Weeden’s progress. Is that good or bad? (CRFF)

Joe Randle gets whatever is less than a slap on the wrist for stealing last year. (NewsOK)

Football misc.

This is laughable. The CFP is going to “stay four” for as long as ESPN wants to hold off paying everyone the money necessary to make it eight. It has close to nothing to do with player safety. (NewsOK)

10 reasons the Big 12 has fallen. I guess I didn’t realize it had fallen at all… (NewsOK)

David Glidden on Mason Rudolph: ““For him, it’s as good as he wants to be. If he wants to be that good, he’ll be that good.” (NewsOK)

Why this Big 12 season means so much for the future of the league. (ESPN)

What Vili Leveni’s injury means for OSU. (Go Pokes)

The Joe Wickline/OSU case has STILL not been settled. (ESPN)

Hoops misc.

OSU picked up a former pro baseball player to walk on to its basketball team. The Brandon Weeden of OSU basketball? (NewsOK)


Is another big time transfer heading to Stillwater? (PFB)

OSU is chasing a monster 2018 cornerback prospect OU and Bama are also after. (PFB)


Here’s why Alexander de-committed. (Go Pokes)

Other sports

What in the world is Texas doing? (Yahoo)

Nine words to eliminate from sports coverage. (Big Lead)

In honor of his Hall of Fame induction, I went down the Pedro YouTube rabbit hole yesterday. It was glorious.

More stuff I’m reading

Finished this book about kids and education superpowers and what the U.S. is getting wrong over the weekend. It is excellent. (Amazon)

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