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Daily Bullets

Daily Bullets (June 12)




Tremendous piece on J.W. Walsh and why he only considered transferring for “a split second.” Been saying it for six months now, best backup QB in the country outside of Columbus, Ohio. (ESPN)

The biggest winners three years later of conference realignment. (NewsOK)

J.W. Walsh says Texas’ new QB is “a baller.” (ESPN)



Here’s the new OSU barbershop. Mrs. Pistols’ take: “that seems like a good use of money.” (PFB)

Maybe Joe Randle was right about DeMarco Murray. (Sports Illustrated)

Deric Robertson is leaving Stillwater. (PFB)

Rudolph hype train

Good look back here by Brandon Chatmon on some key plays from Rudolph last season and what they could mean for 2015. (ESPN)

It’s a little bit of an inside joke with Brandon, Max and our editor Dave Wilson, because I’ve been hyping Rudolph to them since he was in high school. But if Rudolph’s three starts last year are any indication, I’m on the path to vindication.

By the way, the last QB I hyped as much out of high school was Robert Griffin III. (ESPN)

Starkel hype train

Trent Difler is a large Nick Starkel fan. (PFB)

Oh boy. I mean we are all in on this dude, aren’t we? (Go Pokes)


Michael Freeman is an All-American. (Big 12 Sports)


Best headline. (Daily Thunder)

I loved this from Kirk Goldsberry on LeBron’s Finals. (Grantland)

What Bron is doing that MJ never did in the Finals. (Big Lead)

And finally, here’s an absurd look at just how much the Cavs are leaning on LeBron to carry them (hint: a lot). (Deadspin)

More stuff I’m reading

I hired somebody to help me with PFB. (PFB)

Medium is not a publishing tool (written on Medium). (Medium)

I shouldn’t laugh at these dudes blowing dives but… (Deadspin)

Please don’t tell me you’re too busy to look for a new job and then show me your perfectly detailed fantasy football team. (Acuff)

Twitter’s CEO stepped down. Here are four things his successor could do. (Vox)

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