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Daily Bullets (June 14): Rickie Time at Pebble?



Loved watching Ibaka play well and win a title last night – dynasties are fun but it was fun seeing Goliath go down.

Bullets Rundown

• Rickie Time at Pebble
• Rickie’s new OSU swag
• OSU’s young offense vs OSU’s (Oregon State) terrible defense

OSU Bullets

• Looking at the U.S. Open leaderboard, is it finally Rickie’s time?

Is this the week? We’ve been here (many times) before with Rickie Fowler, who at one point co-leds with Xander Schauffele, Louis Oosthuizen and Aaron Wise. It’s never clicked for him for four days, though.

At some point it will — I think — I just don’t know when or where that time is going to be. The biggest concern I have about Fowler? He’s top 25 in Round 1-3 scoring average and 98th in Round 4. [CBS Sports]

So the trick will be building a lead over the first three days and building so much distance that the pack can’t catch up.

• Rickie Fowler keeps finding new ways to rep the Pokes.

But did you know Fowler added another piece of Oklahoma State flair to his bag at Pebble Beach? There’s a good chance you likely missed it unless you were looking closely.

Fowler returned to his usual Newport 2 GSS putter at the U.S. Open — he gave the backup a shot at Memorial — but had Cameron reps make one minor tweak to the face that had nothing to do with loft or lie angle.

To pay tribute to his alma mater, Fowler requested that the white dot located on the heel — known to Cameron fanatics as a “cherry bomb” — be painted orange. []

• Let’s keep peeling back the layers and previewing the season opener against the Beavers.

But that Oregon State defense… It was like a parody last year. Gleeson could have Sanders/Brown hand off to Chuba Hubbard 40 times Aug. 30 and probably score 40 points.

For the sake of the 17-point spread, we’re asking the Cowboys’ D to hold Oregon State to the mid-20s. That means getting a handle on running back Jermar Jefferson, a 2018 Freshman All-American, and All-Pac-12 receiver Isaiah Hodgins.

Here’s another game that could be right on the line… 44-27, 41-24, something like that. [TulsaWorld]

Nearly the worst defense in college football (128th of 129 teams in 2018), you could see even a fledgling Cowboy offense getting into the 40’s pretty easily. The question will be if a defense with an emaciated (by graduation and transfer) front-six can keep them below 35.

• I love the idea of landing this UNT combo guard – give Boynton extra spots for next year and replace the hole left where Curtis Jones was

• This is a tough one – would you rather play for your dad or Dabo Swinney? That could set up for a really cool Father’s Day.

• So fun. I hope Brown or Sanders can do enough to let this guy loose in 2019.

Non-OSU Bullets

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