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Daily Bullets (May 20): Where OSU Needs to Outrecruit OU, Dexter Manley Recovering



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OSU Bullets

• Here’s an interesting take: OU has been better than OSU in football not necessarily because they generically “win the recruiting rankings” but because they produce more professional caliber players at set positions:

The difference between Oklahoma and Oklahoma State, for instance, isn’t in the depth of blue chips that the Sooners have at non space force positions that the Cowboys don’t have. It’s in the fact that in the NFL drafts from 2011-2020, Oklahoma has had 25 “space force” players drafted and Oklahoma State has had six.

For that I’m counting offensive tackles, wide receivers, cornerbacks, edge-rushers, and also “dreadnought” flex tight ends of which Oklahoma had two (Mark Andrews, James Hanna) and Ok State had zero (although Blake Jarwin was a UDFA that’s still in the league). 25-6 is a pretty big margin, take out those two tight ends if you like and it’s 23-6. [Concerning Sports]

Cowboy legend Dexter Manley is recovering after contracting Covid-19

If OSU played a conference-only football schedule but still wanted to play a full schedule (replacing non-conference slots with conference games) – what would that look like?

So Oklahoma State’s slate might look like this.
Sept. 3 — Iowa State (Ames)
Sept. 12 — Kansas (Stillwater)
Sept. 19 — Kansas State (Stillwater)
Oct. 3 — TCU (Ft. Worth)
Oct. 10 — Iowa State (Stillwater)
Oct. 17 — Kansas (Lawrence)
Oct. 24 — Oklahoma (Norman)
Oct. 31 — Texas Tech (Stillwater)
Nov. 7 — Baylor (Waco)
Nov. 14 — West Virginia (Stillwater)
Nov. 21 — Kansas State (Manhattan)
Nov. 27 — Texas (Stillwater)
Dec. 5 — OU (Stillwater) [PFB]

Four Cowboy and Cowgirl (total) teams had perfect APR scores – Cowboy Football finished in the top-25

• Josh Holliday’s Pokes have done serious damage at the B12 tourney:

• Can you imagine the open looks Phil Forte would get with Cade Cunningham?

Non-OSU Bullets

• Sign me up for a doc on the 90’s Cowboys or 2000’s Pats
• Is the office dead?
Dennis Schroder’s deep ball swung the Thunder’s season

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