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Daily Bullets (Nov. 20): Bedlam Keys, Bedlam Talk and… More Bedlam Talk

The Daily Bullets are brought to you by Hoboken Coffee: Get 20% off your first order.



The Daily Bullets are brought to you by Hoboken Coffee: Get 20% off your first order.

I love the black-white-orange combo from the featured photo. Sign me up for that again.

OSU Bullets

• Berry T. says the game will be decided in one particular matchup: OSU’s offense against OU’s defense – sort of weakness on weakness:

So this game likely will come down to OSU’s offense against OU’s defense. The Cowboy offense ranks fourth in the conference, but at an efficiency rate of .325, which is far below normal. The Sooner defense ranks seventh in the conference, but with an opponents’ efficiency rate of .303, which is better than normal.


• The blueprint to beating OU has been laid out

• This sounds like a couple of massive keys for the Pokes to winning the Bedlam game:

If the Cowboys can execute at a passable level in the box on offense, they can potentially win this game in space because they have advantages there on both sides of the ball. Their own pass-rush doesn’t really take a back seat to Oklahoma’s, they have multiple pass-rushers that can win the edge or create problems on stunts and games.

Crucially, they can also ask Rodarius Williams to play man coverage over Oklahoma’s right outside receiver and not worry about sending a safety that way.

[Inside Texas]

This Athletic piece ($$$) had lots of fun Cade Cunningham quotes when considering him for the national freshman of the year award but the party-pooper was this guy pointing out the “Heisman”esque status of the award:

Cade Cunningham, but I do think B.J. Boston could have a monster season for Kentucky, and if the Wildcats also have a great year, watch out for the best player on a title contender. — Kyle Tucker

[The Athletic]

• Ragusa digs into OU’s rushing attack

• Take a look at this piece and see how the Bedlam teams compare in efficiency

• PFF has Spencer Sanders as the 75th best QB in CFB 😬😬😬

Dillon Stoner shares about his experience playing in two of Oklahoma’s biggest rivalries (probably it’s two biggest) – he’s also Oklahoma State’s Mr. November

• It’s a good idea to favorite the below tweet in case Saturday gets rough:

• It would be so nice to see Trace Ford put Rattler on his back a couple of times this weekend:

Non-OSU Bullets

• Pretty interesting to see how Google has changed
• The undrafted $100M NBA player (WSJ)
• A little high brow but the idea of how we expect institutions to affirm as opposed form us is an interesting one (faith-based)

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