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Daily Bullets (Nov. 6): OSU Gets Blown Out (Again) in Kansas

A week starts anew with a fresh dose of Bullets.



Good morning. The sun is expected to rise again today, per sources close to the situation. So, yes, the 37-16 loss to Kansas was bad, maybe a tad embarrassing and bordering on historic, but we live another day, folks. More life! Here’s some news to get ya started for this fine Sunday.

Three thoughts

1. I . . . liked what I saw from Garret Rangel on Saturday. Look, I get it, I get it: three picks isn’t ideal. Understand! And fair point! But not all were his fault. He had two touchdowns, probably should have had a third if not for a drop. I mean, he threw for 304 yards in his first career start. Was really impressed with what I saw in terms of his overall talent. Maybe he’s not quite ready to be the No. 1, and that’s fine — he’s a freshman! — but I thought he was actually good enough for OSU to win over KU (if OSU didn’t completely implode in basically every other facet in the game).

2. OSU’s run defense is hashtag not good. Kansas’ 351 yards rushing was the fourth most it has tallied in a game since at least 2000. Only five other opponents in the Gundy era have rushed for at least 350 yards in a game, with the two most recent instances outside of Saturday taking place in 2018 (!) and in 2011 (!!). Not great, Bob!

3. More pain could be coming. I’m certainly not one to subscribe to the doom and gloom variety of news, but what we’ve seen from OSU the last two weeks could portend a pathetic finish to the regular season. Iowa State next week? Ugh. At OU in two weeks? Double ugh. Back home to close the regular season vs. West Virginia on Nov. 26? (OK, maybe that one is a win.) Either way OSU is going to be an underdog in probably its next two games. Not a great looking finish after such a promising start.

Two quotes

1. Gundy on whether he thought there was a hint that OSU may struggle: “Oh, I don’t know necessarily a struggle, but when you start to lose a considerable number of players and replacing people then things get a little more difficult. How difficult can they get? I don’t know that any coach ever knows. You’ve got to go play the games. But, you know, when you’re starting to work guys that are inexperienced and young and then you’re shuffling guys around, you know it’s gonna be a little more difficult.”

2. Gundy on coaching life lessons and instilling culture was I thought really good: “I hope they respond. That’s kind of the way life is, you know. We try to teach them that. And we have a culture that should extend itself to them to understand that sometimes things don’t go your way. They have to understand that we all start over again tomorrow morning. We have another game, like I say every Saturday to ya’ll. Guys have to get ready to go. I challenged them. I challenged the leaders and mature guys. We all face adversity in life when things don’t go our way. That’s just kind of the way it is. One good thing about college football is that’s what it teaches them. So, I would expect them to be critical of themselves, and I expect the coaches to be critical of themselves in grading tape. Looking in the mirror and saying, ‘Okay, here’s what we did. Here’s what we can do better,’ and come up with some answers, and practice well this week. It sounds simple, but there really is no other alternative. That’s the only way.”

Two videos

1. Jason Bean keeling over and literally crying Saturday after Kansas won — and achieved bowl eligibility — was cool as hell regardless of where your fandom lies. Sports are amazing.

2. Marshall was in Lawrence on Saturday and captured a scene I … never thought I would see. Two thoughts here as KU fans tackled its own goal posts. No. 1: This is a major sign of respect for OSU. You don’t do this if your win doesn’t mean something. No. 2: Kansas fans are legit great. That stadium is absolute hot garbage, that team has been hot garbage for the last decade-plus, and yet they’ve rallied around this team in a special way. They’re not going to win the natty or anything, but it’s fun to see a struggling fanbase find some happiness. (It’s less fun, you know, when that fanbase is finding joy after your favorite team gets its own heart ripped out on live television.)

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