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Daily Bullets (Oct. 10): Hilarious Hidde Roessink, Key to Redeeming Sanders’ Season



Watching Chuba Hubbard chase greatness is likely to overtake (if it hasn’t) the intrigue of where the 2019 season could wind up.

And that’s not a bad thing – ask 110 other fan bases who don’t have a top-ten team or a Chuba Hubbard. 

Bullets Rundown

• Hilarious Hidde Roessink
• Boone’s table made it to the capital
• Key to Spencer’s season


• Softball: OSU 8, USAO 3

OSU Bullets

• I love new OSU basketball player Hidde Roessink already – I’m convinced he and I would talk about playing college basketball the exact same way (of course, my confidence would be completely unfounded where his doesn’t appear to be).

“I mean, I wasn’t really sure that I was ready for it,” Roessink said of the basketball played in the USA, whether it was high school, college, or NBA. “I mean I thought I was ready because I think I’m a pretty good basketball player. But everybody told me that coach was different from European basketball, and when I got here to, I found out about all the athletic guys on the team and everybody runs really fast and jumps really high and that was a transition for me. I feel like I do pretty good my own self.” [GoPokes]

• This was a neat update – T. Boone Pickens’ infamous conference room table will find itself in the Oklahoma State Capital for the foreseeable future.

Fort Worth businessman Gary Humphreys and his wife, Claudia, bought the set in June and donated it to Oklahoma State University. In turn, Pickens’ beloved alma mater loaned it to the governor’s Cabinet Room for the next decade. [DMN]

And here’s a fun remark that made me chuckle in the piece about the table:

“It was the last deal Boone made before his death,” (Pickens’ chief of staff Jay) Rosser said. “Clearly Boone liked the idea of having his conference table so proudly displayed at the capitol, where undoubtedly many leaders from both OSU and rival OU will be hashing out critical state issues.” [DMN]

• PFF has Spencer Sanders as the No. 57 quarterback in the country in their latest rankings and their last line explains his hope for a solid freshman season.

Sanders was the National quarterback of the week against Oregon State to start the season and though he hasn’t met those lofty grade expectations in a game since then, he still has put forth several strong moments for the Cowboys. He’s done very well with the ball in his hands in the designed run game, totaling 255 yards on 52 designed carries as well as another 250 yards on scrambles, breaking a whopping 29 tackles in the process.

Like other younger, mobile quarterbacks, if he can lean on his rushing ability as he develops into a downfield passer, the sky is the limit for him in this QB-friendly offense. [PFF]

Chuba is hard to miss at this point in the season, right?

• This is insane – Nick Saban has only lost to nine active coaches!

• CC: Charlie Dickey – let’s pick up some walk-ons from Wisconsin.

Non-OSU Bullets

Reading books on Instagram seems pretty wild (and unnecessary but to each his own)

• Tramel does a fine job drawing out the ironic behaviors of the NBA (concerning certain eastern countries)

• Faith-based look at “killing sin” – I like it when people summarize John Owen for me

I can’t stop watching this guy dance.

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