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Daily Bullets (Sept. 26): Most Viewed of the Week, Beat WVU



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Three Thoughts

Here’s a compelling argument for why we should cut Mike Gundy some slack for playing *looks at program* Ethan Bullock first: it’s hard to discern what a good QB looks like in practice, it’s impossible when they’re not practicing

• Tramel is going Pokes by seven today – with a great line: how much will Shane Illingworth be expected to do today?

West Virginia at Oklahoma State: Cowboys 28-21. Can Shane Illingworth deliver again? Will he need to?


• I missed the chance to get mine in but here are the PFB guys’ predictions for today. Consider me less optimistic about the offense (I’ll take any under you give me), we should prepare for a Big Ten-like game today:
Good guys 20, ‘Neers 13

Two Quotes

• Here’s our best hope for improved offensive line play today per Coach Gundy:

“When you have six different people moving multiple spots in a game, you’re not gonna have as much continuity and consistency as you want. There’s nothing you can do about it. You just gotta try to fit guys in and go play and try to find a way to win the game.”


• Coach Gundy came back and talked about a major flaw in how they’ve handled players to this point – not pushing them in practice.

“So we have to begin to push them now. We’ve got to get in better shape,” Gundy said. “We’ll push them more now than we have in the last three weeks.”


One Question

• After game one, would you rather have Chuba or LD Brown for the rest of the season?

Most Viewed of the Week

• No. 1: Alex Dieringer went down controversially

• No. 2: Ten Thoughts on OSU/Tulsa

• No. 3: Breaking down Gundy’s weekly presser

• No. 4: Who is Ethan Bullock?

• No. 5: Five things to know about Shane Illingworth

Non-OSU Bullets

• Like stuff like this – how to be a better conversationalist
• Terrific blogging here in “burning bright” (faith-based)
Tyler Herro and Jamal Murray have been so fun to watch in the West Finals

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