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Daily Bullets (Sept. 27): Cowboys’ National Title Odds Getting Better, Two Steps to Win in Waco

Thanks for stopping by – here’s your daily dose of Oklahoma State sports news.



Thanks for stopping by – here’s your daily dose of Oklahoma State sports news.

OSU Bullets

• The Cowboys are 75/1 odds to win the national championship in football – top-ten in the country

• Everything Mike Gundy had to say in his weekly presser – including an update on receiver Jaden Bray

Kickoff time has been set for OSU’s next home game against Texas Tech

Solid plan for the Cowboys in Waco:

The first thing Mike Gundy needs in Waco is for Spencer Sanders to throw it to the Cowboys only (see: Sanders’ 7 interceptions against the Bears last year). The second task: find a run game.


• Pretty sweet deal – homecoming tickets against Texas have sold out

Five thoughts on the Big 12 during OSU’s bye week

Neat story here on how defensive tackle Brandon Evers was adopted and advocates for the cause

• Great to know here – bye weeks don’t necessarily force a Cowboy win in the following week:

• The SEC released their 2023 schedule – what will the Big 12’s look like next year?

The Big 12 has three options for 2023 alignment. No divisions, divisions with OU and Texas together, or divisions with OU and Texas separate. And within the divisionless decision comes another fork in the road – going straight rotational in terms of when schools play each other, or does each member get annual opponents, and if so, how many?

(West Virginia athletic director Shane) Lyons said the majority appears to favor no divisions.


Non-OSU Bullets

• Questions going into the NBA season
• The discipleship of work (faith-based)

Spectacular shot:

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